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Dermatology Online Journal, Volume 14, Number 8 (2008)



antineoplastic agent, Antineoplastic Agents, article, bleomycin, case report, chemically induced disorder, Cystic, cystic lymphangioma, drug withdrawal, emollient agent, flagellate hyperpigmentation, Foot Dermatoses, Hand Dermatoses, hand disease, human, Humans, hyperpigmentation, infant, Injections, Intralesional, intralesional drug administration, letter, lymphangioma, male, melanosis, palmar hyperpigmentation, physical examination, preschool child, pruritus, single drug dose, skin defect, skin disease, skin pigmentation


A 1 1/2-year-old boy developed hyperpigmentation of the palms and feet along with flagellate pigmentation over the trunk following intralesional injection of bleomycin for cystic hygroma. We present this case to highlight the possibility of cutaneous pigmentation being induced by bleomycin in low doses through non-intravenous administration. © 2008 Dermatology Online Journal.


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J. Manoj, Kaliyadan, F., and Dharmaratnam, A. D., “Palmar and flagellate hyperpigmentation following low dose intralesional injection of bleomycin for cystic hygroma”, Dermatology Online Journal, vol. 14, 2008.