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Performance enhancement of okamura model using correction factor

Publisher : Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing, ICCSP 2019

Year : 2019

Abstract : Radio propagation models are the emerging technologies and are essential for wireless network design, deployment and management. The models are concerned with respect to site and keep varying on their operation's frequencies, terrain conditions, mobile terminals and other dynamic factors. Using parameters of signals coverages, data rates to attain, bit error rate and gain rate from an antenna, the characteristic of a radio channel can be predicted. For designing mobile and fixed radio systems the path loss modelling plays a very important role. A standardization process needs to be introduced for prediction of a radio coverage area. To reduce signal attenuation, suitable path loss model to be introduced. Based on the above parameters, okamura path loss model has been implemented before setting up the wireless system. Channels base station antenna height gain has been selected as one of the parameter and results are discussed. The above work implemented using Matlab tool. © 2019 IEEE.

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