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Pharmacogenetic landscape of DPYD variants in south Asian populations by integration of genome-scale data.

Publisher : Pharmacogenomics

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Medicine

Department : Medical Oncology

Year : 2018

Abstract : pbAIM: /bAdverse drug reactions to 5-Fluorouracil(5-FU) is frequent and largely attributable to genetic variations in the DPYD gene, a rate limiting enzyme that clears 5-FU. The study aims at understanding the pharmacogenetic landscape of DPYD variants in south Asian populations./ppbMATERIALS METHODS: /bSystematic analysis of population scale genome wide datasets of over 3000 south Asians was performed. Independent evaluation was performed in a small cohort of patients./ppbRESULTS: /bOur analysis revealed significant differences in the the allelic distribution of variants in different ethnicities./ppbCONCLUSIONS: /bThis is the first and largest genetic map the DPYD variants associated with adverse drug reaction to 5-FU in south Asian population. Our study highlights ethnic differences in allelic frequencies./p

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