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PLA-based blends and composites

Publication Type : Book Chapter

Publisher : Woodhead

Source : Biodegradable Polymers, Blends and Composites, 2022,Pages 237-28, Woodhead Publishing.

Url :,forming%20ternary%20blends%20and%20foams.

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Arts and Sciences

Department : Chemistry

Verified : Yes

Year : 2022

Abstract : Biodegradable polymers are a special class of environmentally friendly materials that are beneficial to mankind with no adverse effects on the environment. Unlike conventional polymers that are petroleum based, non-degradable and cause significant pollution after their end use, these biodegradable polymers degrade under the action of external agencies and produce simple byproducts. In this chapter, one such synthetic polymer, poly(lactic acid) (PLA) is selected and PLA-based blends and composites are discussed in detail. PLA is a biodegradable polymer with repeated lactic acid units and can be derived even from agricultural waste. Being a biopolymer, the demand for PLA is increasing constantly, thus PLA-based polymer blends and composites are gaining more research interest in solving environmental pollution. The market for these eco-friendly materials is expected to increase by 10%–20% per year and global PLA production is expected to reach 800,000 tons/year. Despite having better processability, reproducibility, and mechanical properties; crystallization, low thermal resistance and heat deflection temperature are considered to be major shortcomings of PLA. Hence the formation of PLA-based blends and composites by incorporating secondary materials can be considered as a solution for overcoming these shortcomings. This chapter deals with the structure, properties, and applications of PLA-based systems. A separate section for electrospun PLA nanofibers is also included to realize the role of high aspect ratio fibers in enhancing the overall properties. Alongside PLA systems, a general description of biodegradable polymers and the different modes of degradation are also mentioned.

Cite this Research Publication : B.D.S. Deeraj, Jitha S. Jayan, AppukuttanSaritha, Kuruvilla Joseph, PLA-based blends and composites,Biodegradable Polymers, Blends and Composites, 2022,Pages 237-28, Woodhead Publishing. Editors: Sanjay MavinkereRangappa, JyotishkumarParameswaranpillai, SuchartSiengchin, M Ramesh

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