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Plant Fibre Based Biodegradable Green Composites

Publication Type : Book Chapter

Source : Materials Research Foundations, 68, 2020

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mechanical Engineering

Year : 2020

Abstract : Bio-composite are fabricated by reinforcing natural fiber into a biopolymer matrix. Bio-composite are manufactured using mechanical and melt mixing technique followed by hot pressing at elevated temperature. Fiber volume fraction is varied in the biopolymer matrix to find the optimum technical properties. Chemically treated natural fiber used as a reinforcing material in preparing bio-composite results in higher technical properties when compared to untreated fiber bio-composite. As weight percentage of fiber increases physic-mechanical property enhances. Physic-mechanical property reduces at particular weight percentage of natural fiber. The trend is observed due to the agglomeration of fiber in the bio-polymer matrix. The Bio-degradation study also proves that bio-composite prepared using natural fiber and biopolymer can be used as an alternative material for conventional thermoplastic composite.

Cite this Research Publication : M. Harikrishna Kumar, C Moganapriya, R Rajasekar, Mohanraj, T (2020). Plant Fibre Based Biodegradable Green Composites. Materials Research Foundations, 68.

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