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Polyaniline blends – Preparation and studies on electrical properties morphological features

Publisher : Annual Technical Conference - ANTEC, Conference Proceedings

Year : 2004

Abstract : Polyaniline emeraldine Salt was synthesized from aniline by chemical oxidative method using hydrochloric acid as the dopant. The (PANI- HCl) was de-doped with ammonia to obtain polyaniline emeraldine base. PANI - EB was re- doped with other acids like sulphuric acid, toluene sulphonic acid and formic acid etc., to study the effect of dopant on conductivity and solution processability of PANI. Films blends of LDPE/PANI, PVC/PANI and EVA/PANI were made by solution Casting. Latex blend of PS/PANI was prepared from emulsion latex of polystyrene and dispersion of PANI in water with a suitable surfactant. The conductivity studies were done for the polyaniline salts doped with different acids and for film blends using a standard four probe method. FTIR analysis was done to find the elemental composition using Shimadzu (Japan), FTIR Model 8201PC.

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