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Power aware automatic microcontroller based smart, college electric bell system with time display

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : ICMENS 2009

Source : 5th International Conference on MEMS NANO, and Smart Systems, ICMENS 2009, Dubai, p.166-170 (2010)

Url :

ISBN : 9780769539386

Keywords : Bell Systems, Bells, Clocks, Controllers, Educational institutions, Hardware, Hardware implementations, Low Power, Manual operations, Microcontrollers, PIC, PIC microcontrollers, Power Consumption, Power estimations, Power-aware, Real time Clock, Serial interfaces, Software coding, Time interval

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Engineering

Department : Electronics and Communication

Year : 2010

Abstract : This paper discusses the hardware implementation of a low power automatic bell which can be used in educational institutions and the power estimation details. The bell automatically rings at preprogrammed time intervals and also displays the time in the seven segment display continuously. The low power aspect is brought about by using 'SLEEP' mode in PIC microcontroller which keeps the system in idle state when it is not in use. The major advantage of this implementation is that it gives us the exact time and no manual operation is needed while using very less power. The system is made by establishing a serial interface between PIC microcontroller (PIC16F877A) and a Real Time Clock (RTC) IC, DS1307. The software coding part is done using MPLAB IDE and hardware implementation is done using the components. The estimated power consumption is also given. © 2009 IEEE.

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Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Balasubramanian, V. K., Nair, M. M., Sarma, V. S. V., and Srikumar, R., “Power Aware Automatic Microcontroller Based Smart, College Electric Bell System with Time Display”, in 5th International Conference on MEMS NANO, and Smart Systems, ICMENS 2009, Dubai, 2010, pp. 166-170

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