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Pulsating flow of an incompressible micropolar fluid between permeable beds with an inclined uniform magnetic field

Publisher : European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mathematics

Verified : Yes

Year : 2014

Abstract : Abstract In this paper, we investigate the pulsating flow of an incompressible and slightly conducting micropolar fluid between two homogeneous permeable beds in the presence of an inclined uniform magnetic field. The flow between the permeable beds is assumed to be governed by Eringen’s micropolar fluid flow equations and that in the permeable beds by Darcy’s law with the Beavers–Joseph slip conditions at the fluid–permeable bed interfaces. It is assumed that a uniform magnetic field is applied at an angle θ with the y -axis. The equations are solved analytically and the expressions for velocity and microrotation are obtained. The effects of the magnetic parameter and the other material parameters are studied numerically and the results are presented through graphs.

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