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Reliability of Nanoparticle-coated Phosphors for White LED application

Publication Type : Conference Proceedings

Source : ECS Transactions

Url :

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Arts and Sciences

Year : 2012

Abstract : For the application to a light emitting diode, phosphors require thermal resistance and proper optical spectra with high quantum efficiency. Specially, reliability issues are getting critical due to the harsh operating environment as the solid state lighting application is getting dominant. Here, oxynitride material system, which is not introduced into commercial market yet, is investigated. In Eu- doped MO-Si3N4 system, thermal, moisture, and photonic resistance are examined. It is found that the surface state and cystallinity are important for guaranteeing the device reliability, even though the powder chemical and optical properties are good enough, comparing to well known commercialized phosphor such as Y3Al5O12:Ce and Sr2SiO4:Eu.

Cite this Research Publication : I. H. Cho, J. S. Yoo, D.W. Suh, G. Anoop, S. J. Lee, and S. J. Kwon,Reliability of Nanoparticle-coated Phosphors for White LED application,ECS Transactions,45, 213 (2012)

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