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Economic and Political Weekly, Economic and Political Weekly, Volume 52, Number 51, p.84-88 (2017)



<p>To chalk out the future course of action in view of the disputes regarding the use of Mahanadi river water, a well-rounded strategy that includes both the people and policymakers is needed. The strategy must allow for dialogue by rebuilding trust and should look at arbitration and negotiation as methods of conflict resolution. It is necessary to evolve a strategy that optimises the rational usage of Mahanadi water to benefit people from both Chhattisgarh and Odisha, coupled with the implementation of a multi-stakeholder forum that finds peaceful solutions and minimises areas of contention in a negotiable and consensual manner.</p>


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K. C. Ratha and Mahapatra, S. K., “Resolving the mahanadi water conflict”, Economic and Political Weekly, vol. 52, pp. 84-88, 2017.