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Review: materials for biocompatible tribo-piezo nanogenerators

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Springer

Source : J Mater Sci 58, 7809–7838 (2023)

Url :

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Engineering

Department : Electronics and Communication

Year : 2023

Abstract : The commendable growth of portable and wearable electronics has taken the energy harvesting sector to new heights. Using the idea of nanogenerators for ambient nano-energy harvesting started with the emergence of the piezoelectric energy harvester reported in 2006. Three diverse types of nano-energy harvesters have developed: piezoelectric nanogenerators, triboelectric nanogenerators for harvesting mechanical energy, and pyroelectric nanogenerators for ambient heat energy harvesting. However, the efficiency of these nano-energy harvesters is limited to converting individual energy sources into electrical energy. Since technology is improving day by day, the requirement for efficient, sustainable hybrid energy harvesters is of great interest. Hybrid nanogenerators can be developed by combining two or more nanogenerators mentioned above. In this regard, hybrid tribo-piezoelectric nanogenerators, hybrid tribo-pyroelectric nanogenerators, and hybrid tribo-piezo-pyroelectric nanogenerators exist. The hybrid nanogenerators will have the essential characteristics of the individual nanogenerator with which it is developed, and a positive synergism can enhance the efficacy. This paper reviews the recent advancements in biocompatible energy harvesting materials that are efficient enough to be used as active layers in the tribo-, piezo-, and hybrid tribo-piezoelectric energy harvesters for wearable and biomedical applications. The article focuses on the properties, synthesis, development of materials, usage, hybrid tribo-piezoelectric energy harvesters, and their efficiency, which are made up of these materials, their applications, and finally, the conclusions and future perspectives of these materials.

Cite this Research Publication : Maya Gopakumar, G., Prabha Rajeev, S. Review: materials for biocompatible tribo-piezo nanogenerators. J Mater Sci 58, 7809–7838 (2023).

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