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Robot Path Planning Using Memory

Publisher : Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems

Year : 2019

Abstract : Proposed work implements the robot path planning using memory. Nowadays, robots are mostly used in agriculture, industrial, and military purposes where the robots are moving autonomously. So, the robot requires planning a path for moving from one spot to other location, which is called as path planning for a robot. Robots are moving in different kinds of environment, mainly obstacle and obstacle-free environment. In obstacle-free environment, path planning must ensure the most direct path between start and end locations. In an environment surrounding with obstacles, path planning must ensure a collision-free shortest path between start and end locations by avoiding obstacles. Most recent works use the A-Star algorithm to catch the most direct route between start and end locations. In the proposed work, once the robot arrives at the end location then the path is stored in memory. The idea behind this is that when the robot reaches the same location in future, there is no requirement to forecast the path again and it can be retrieved from memory which will save the computational time and power requirements of the robot. © 2019, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.

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