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Role of adverse pathological features in surgically treated early oral cavity carcinomas with adequate margins and the development of a scoring system to predict local control.

Publisher : Head Neck

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Medicine

Department : Pathology

Year : 2018

Abstract : pbBACKGROUND: /bThe purpose of this study was to determine the factors affecting local control in patients with T1N0 squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the tongue./ppbMETHODS: /bWe conducted a retrospective analysis of 144 patients with pT1N0 SCC of the tongue who underwent wide excision and neck dissection without adjuvant therapy./ppbRESULTS: /bThe adverse pathological features associated with local control were least margin 5 mm (P = .004), infiltrative margin (P = .403), depth 4 mm (P = .136), lymphovascular invasion (P = .301), and perineural invasion (P = .342). We derived a scoring system of 10 points based on the hazard ratio for local failure; those with scores 5 points had a 5-year local control of 60%./ppbCONCLUSION: /bThis study suggests patients having a margin of 5 mm need revision, however, if they do not have additional adverse pathological features (score ≤4), local control is 88% at 5 years, and they may be observed. Those who have margins over 5 mm with a total score 5 may still benefit from adjuvant therapy. Those with margins over 5 mm have improved local control (P = .029)./p

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