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ROS-Based GUI Controlled Robot for Indoor Mapping and Navigation

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : Springer, Singapore

Source : Springer, Singapore, 2021

Url :

Keywords : GUI, Autonomous mobile robot, Ros kinetic, Rplidar, Electron, Linorobot, Navigation, JavaScript, Python shell

Campus : Amritapuri

Center : Humanitarian Technology (HuT) Labs

Year : 2021

Abstract : Path planning is one of the key tasks in robotics, which is used for navigation of the robot. Any mobile robot should possess the ability to navigate freely in its environment. This is important to avoid collision with obstacles, move to a certain point as per the function, etc. This research paper reviews the design of an autonomous mobile robot controlled by a graphical user interface(GUI) which possesses the ability to autonomously go to a room in a created environment when it receives the command through GUI. To achieve this, a simple robot is designed in solid works and constructed which is used for testing this application. This function can be applied to use in complex robots such as a service robot, resto bot and firefighting robot. Mapping and autonomous navigation are performed using the linorobot stack. The robot is developed in Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) using the robotic operating system (ROS). The linorobot navigation stack and GUI are separately used till date. In this research work, the results are forwarded when both navigation and GUI are integrated. The performance of the robot is evaluated by testing the ability of the robot to avoid obstacles and reach the destination in different scenarios. The discussion of the scenarios and the performance of the robot are discussed in experimental results.

Cite this Research Publication : Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Balla Tanmayi, Gunnam Monika Reddy, Inti Rohith Sri Krishna, Gadde Sakhita Sree, Sreejith S Pai "ROS-Based GUI Controlled Robot for Indoor Mapping and Navigation", Springer, Singapore, 2021

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