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Social media networks owing to disruptions for effective learning

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : Procedia Computer Science, [SCOPUS/ELSEIVER], Volume 172, 2020, Pages 145-151.

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Campus : Chennai

School : School of Computing

Year : 2020

Abstract : Social media is being quickly expanding during most recent couple of years. It isn’t just being utilized by the working individuals yet additionally there is overwhelming ascent in the utilization of web based life by the students or we can say in Education Society. Use of Social networks life has been made a positive effect on the general public. With the assistance of Internet all the social webpage and different applications are accessible which can be get to easily, also enable clients to chat and interface with one another, to make, alter and share new types of printed, visual and sound substance. It impacts our live as it helps a great deal in each field of life, for example, political field, monetary field and instructive field. As the time passing by web-based social networking has begun making a negative effect by saturating the present society with a large number of us immersed, unfortunate habit, in the most recent happenings by means of applications, for example, Watsapp, Facebook and Twitter. They make longer term companionships by being in contact online in any event, when companions are never again physically meeting. The paper tires to feature how web based life affected our populace there is a need to know for the great and awful effects of the web based life on our instruction sectors well as on our people to come and make an appropriate arrangement in the two cases if the use of web based life is positive or negative

Cite this Research Publication : S. Neelakandan, R. Annamalai, Sonia Jenifer Rayen, J. Arunjasmine, "Social media networks owing to disruptions for effective learning," Procedia Computer Science, [SCOPUS/ELSEIVER], Volume 172, 2020, Pages 145-151.

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