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Spontaneous rupture of quadriceps tendon and total joint arthroplasty in Alkaptonuria

Publication Type : Journal Article

Thematic Areas : Medical Sciences

Publisher : Kerala Journal of Orthopaedics

Source : Kerala Journal of Orthopaedics, Volume 25, Number 1, p.30–33 (2011)

Url :

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Medicine

Department : Paediatric Cardiology

Year : 2011

Abstract : Ochronosis or the musculoskeletal manifestation of Alkaptonuria is a rare autosomal recessive disorder due to deficiency of the enzyme Homogentisic acid oxidase. Deficiency of this enzyme leads to the three cardinal features of alkaptonuria - the presence of Homogentisic acid in urine, Ochronosis (bluish - black pigmentation in connective tissue) and arthritis. We report a case of a 50 year old man with spontaneous rupture of Quadriceps tendon as the first symptom of Ochronosis who also had to undergo total hip arthroplasty and total knee arthroplasty after three years of follow up due to ochronotic arthropathy. Spontaneous tendon rupture due to Ochronosis and total jont replacement in the same patient have not been previously reported.

Cite this Research Publication : R. Krishnakumar and Arun, K., “Spontaneous rupture of quadriceps tendon and total joint arthroplasty in Alkaptonuria”, Kerala Journal of Orthopaedics, vol. 25, pp. 30–33, 2011.

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