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Standards of practice among endodontists in Kerala, India: An exploratory study

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Amrita Journal of Medicine

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Dentistry

Year : 2022

Abstract : Background: The field of endodontics is greatly evolving with the brisk entry of not just new materials but also numerous technology-based advances. Factors governed by the practitioner such as the canal preparation technique, the disinfection regimes followed, the standard of obturation, and the quality of coronal and apical seal all in turn greatly influence the prognosis of the endodontic treatment. Objective: To assess the attitude concerning the materials and techniques used during endodontic treatment among the endodontists in Kerala. Materials and Methods: An online questionnaire-based cross-sectional study was done among endodontists in Kerala. The questionnaire assessed several key aspects of endodontic practice. A comparison was made based on the nature of practice and years of practice. Results: A total of 165 responses were obtained. A high percentage of participants (>75%) routinely employed preoperative radiographs. A combination of apex locators along with radiographs was most preferred for working length determination, and calcium hydroxide was the most preferred root canal sealant. Almost half of the endodontists did not use any form of magnification. Conclusion: Despite several booming advances in technology, endodontists still do not strictly follow the implementation of important regimes such as the incorporation of magnification or use of a rubber dam in their practice, which still needs to be meticulously incorporated into practice, which would raise the standards of clinical practice.

Cite this Research Publication : oseph A, Ramanarayanan V, Venugopal K, Singh VP, Dhruvan K, Sagar K. Standards of practice among endodontists in Kerala, India: An exploratory study. Amrita J Med. 2022 Apr 1;18(2):50.

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