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Synthetic photometry for non-radial pulsations in subdwarf B stars

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : A&A

Source : A&A

Url :

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Arts and Sciences

Year : 2004

Abstract : We describe a method for computing theoretical photometric amplitude ratios for a number of modes of nonradially pulsating subdwarf B stars in both SDSS and UBVR systems. In order to avoid costly solutions of the non-adiabatic non-radial pulsation equations, we have adopted the adiabatic approximation. We argue that this is a valid approach, at least for the V361 Hya stars, because observations show that the temperature perturbations dominate the radius perturbations in the flux variation. We find that for V361 Hya stars, low-degree () modes may be difficult to distinguish using optical photometry. However, the high degree modes () are relatively well separated and may be distinguished more easily. We have also computed the amplitude ratios for a number of modes in PG 1716+426 stars. For these stars, the amplitude ratios for low degree modes () are well resolved. For oscillations with periods ~40 min, higher-degree modes () may also be identified easily from their amplitude ratios. However for longer period oscillations, the and the modes approach the and modes respectively.

Cite this Research Publication : Ramachandran, C.S. Jeffery & R.H.D. Townsend, “Synthetic photometry for non-radial pulsations in subdwarf B stars”, A&A, 428, 209, 2004.

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