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The Churg-Strauss syndrome: An unusual presentation

Publication Type : Journal Article

Thematic Areas : Medical Sciences

Publisher : Indian Journal of Nephrology

Source : Indian Journal of Nephrology, Volume 23, Number 2, p.133-136 (2013)

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Keywords : adenoidectomy, adult, anorexia, antibiotic agent, article, asthma, Bowman capsule, case report, chronic sinusitis, Churg Strauss syndrome, computer assisted tomography, creatinine, creatinine blood level, cyclophosphamide, endoscopic sinus surgery, eosinophil, ethmoid sinus, frontal sinus, glomerulus, granuloma, granulomatosis, human, human tissue, inflammatory infiltrate, kidney biopsy, kidney failure, kidney interstitium, kidney necrosis, lymphocyte, malaise, male, maxillary sinus, neutrophil, plasma cell, prednisolone, recurrent disease, retina fluorescein angiography, retina vasculitis, rhinosinusitis, thorax radiography, upper respiratory tract infection, weight reduction

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Medicine

Department : Nephrology, Ophthalmology, Pathology

Verified : Yes

Year : 2013

Abstract : The Churg-strauss syndrome (CSS), also referred to as allergic angiitis and granulomatosis is characterized by asthma, peripheral and tissue eosinophilia, extravascular granuloma formation, and vasculitis of multiple organ systems. It is an uncommon disease with an estimated annual incidence of 1-3 per million. Here, we report a case of CSS with glomerulocentric granulomatous reaction with interstitial eosinophils and involvement of retinal vessels.

Cite this Research Publication : G. Ka Manu, Mathew, Aa, Rajesh, Ra, Kurian, Ga, Unni, V. Na, Pillai, G. Sb, and Hiran, K. Rc, “The Churg-Strauss syndrome: An unusual presentation”, Indian Journal of Nephrology, vol. 23, pp. 133-136, 2013.

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