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The Role of Cognitive Complexity and Risk Evasiveness in Online Herd Behavior

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Springer US

Source : Electronic Commerce Research (ABDC-A), Springer (2020)

Campus : Kochi

School : Department of Management, School of Business

Department : Department of Management

Verified : Yes

Year : 2020

Abstract : This paper investigated the role of information related, social and customer characteristics in public information adoption tendencies of online customers to result in herding in e-commerce. E-commerce platforms contains numerous online reviews about products which have the potential to influence customers. We applied structural equation modeling and a 2× 2 scenario experiment to empirically verify the effect of a few factors in creating online herding. Two levels of cognitive complexity (simple, complex) and risk aversion (risk averse, risk taker) formed the 2× 2 factorial design. The study's primary finding was that a person with simple cognitive structure and risk avoidance tendency may exhibit higher intention to adopt public information and engage in herding. Information specific attributes contributed maximum towards information adoption and herding. Among sociological variables, only reputation concern …

Cite this Research Publication : Dr. Rejikumar G., Ajitha, A. Asokan, Sofi Dinesh, and Jose, A., “The Role of Cognitive Complexity and Risk Evasiveness in Online Herd Behavior”, Electronic Commerce Research (ABDC-A), 2020.

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