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The Usage of E-Banking Technology by Industrial Employees at Dhanlaxmi Bank in Mysuru

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, IAEME Publication,

Source : International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, IAEME Publication, Volume 9, Issue 1, p.905-914 (2018)

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Keywords : awareness, E-Banking, Industrial employees, Technology

Campus : Mysuru

School : School of Arts and Sciences

Department : Commerce and Management

Year : 2018

Abstract : Electronic Banking refers to providing of banking product and services through electronic delivery channels. E-Banking comes under service industries. E-banking provides a larger usage of technology base system particularly those associated with the web. This allows banks to understand the fundamental changes in how banks interact with customers. E-Banking permits the clients, for those who have personal computer with internet access. It allows their customers to do the banking activities all over the world at their fingertips at any point of time. Customers need not visit the bank branches for their transactions. It facilitates various services like cheque book request, online loan facilities, balance enquiry, fund transfers etc. Emergence of e-banking has enabled the banks to supply real time dealings and integrate all customers connected functions. E-Banking has vital growth in several countries and incorporates amendments. E-Banking channel has provided competitive advantage to the banks. It helps the banks to satisfy the increasing requirements of customers effectively and efficiently. The data analysis shows that significant factors that decides the usage of e-banking services by industrial employee. The impact of E-Banking is rapidly growing with the technology. This research throws light on how the industrial employees are aware about usage of E-banking services provided by Dhanlaxmi Bank at Mysuru. For this study 50 industrial employees were selected as sample size. The data were collected from the employees using questionnaires and the analysis was made to study the industrial employees usage of e-banking, correlation between usage of e-Banking and industrial employees and also the frequency of usage. For analysis purpose hypothesis was framed initially followed by Karl Pearson’s and chi square methods were used. © IAEME Publication.

Cite this Research Publication : Aashish C. I. and Madesh H. R., “The usage of e-banking technology by industrial employees at dhanlaxmi bank in mysuru”, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 905-914, 2018.

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