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Use of social media as a medium for disclosing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) disclosures in India

Publisher : Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

Year : 2018

Abstract : pThe aim of this paper is to analyze the use of online social networks as a medium for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) disclosures. To this end, an analysis was performed of the messages posted by the top 200 public listed companies in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in India. In addition, analysis was performed on the responses that they received on two of the most popular online social networks Instagram and Youtube. The results of the analysis of these data are explored to see which of the Indian listed companies are using social media networks and which of the social media networks are most frequently used. In addition, the goal of this paper is to investigate which corporates adopted the online social media more effective and communicated the same to the stakeholders. The study also explored how Indian companies communicate more frequently the non-CSR tasks and activities more than CSR activities using social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube. The study explored to find how rudimentary the adoption is. The study also shows how the Indian companies are transitioning and adopting these social media platforms is used for CSR disclosures. © IEOM Society International./p

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