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BIOS – Ethical Hacking Labs

Big Data Lab

CPS & Hardware Security Lab

Sustainable Computing Lab

IoT Embedded Systems Labs

Smart Grid Embedded Systems

Molecular Medicine Lab

Amrita Alignment Lab

Molecular Medicine Lab

Amrita Alignment Lab

Health Science Lab

Computational Engineering Lab

Create Lab

E-learning Lab

Phytochemistry Lab

Molecular Modelling Lab

Digital Health Lab


Skill Simulation Lab

Applied Biochemistry Lab

Bio Sensor Research Lab

Biotechnology Remote Triggered Virtual Lab

Cell Culture & Stem Cell Lab

Computational Neuroscience Lab

Multi Modal Application Lab

Super Computing Lab

Nanochemistry & Electrospinning Lab

Multidimensional Data Analytics Lab

ACARA Research Laboratory for Ayurveda

Disaster Simulation Laboratory 

Agro-Informatics Lab for Sustainability

Water Innovation Lab/ Water Systems Laboratory

Catalysis Lab

Inorganic Chemistry Cluster Lab

Organic Photochemistry Lab

Electrochemical Sensor and Spintronics Lab

Polymer processing and Nanochemistry Lab

Human Language Technology Lab

Synthetic, Photophysical and Computational Chemistry Lab

IoT and Machine Learning Lab

Business Research Lab

Dhanvanthri Laboratory

Amrita Molecular Modeling And Synthesis (AMMAS) Research lab

Computational Science Lab

Intel-IoT Lab 

Intel-AI Lab 

Robotics and Automation Centre of Excellence (RACE)

Tribology and Interactive Surface Research Laboratory

Cyber Intelligence Lab

Advanced Multifunctional Materials and Analysis Lab

Translational Biomedical Research & Innovations Lab

Programming Lab

Modelling and Data Analytics Lab

High Performance Computing Lab

Ceramics Research Lab

A Micro-Grid Test-bed Laboratory

Translational Applied Instrumentation and Optoelectronics Lab

Power Systems Research Lab

Shock wave and hypersonic Lab

Wear Testing Lab

Engines Testing Lab

Electric Drives research Lab

Nano-electronics Research Lab

Amrita Materials Processing Lab

Green Energy Lab

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