Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry currently exists at the Amritapuri campus alone. The Department started functioning on Amritapuri campus in 2002.Today, the Department enjoys the status and privilege of a well flourishing inevitable academic entity of the campus, which offers over 40 courses on vivid, advanced and applied areas of Chemistry and also two courses on Environmental Science handled by expert members of faculty.The Department has a wide variety of courses on advanced, applied and allied areas of chemistry. The department offers a postgraduate program M. Sc. Chemistry and a five year integrated M. Sc. program.

The Department also possesses a classical chemistry lab which has been structured with a vision of transforming it into an excellent center for research in the frontier areas of applied chemistry and allied branches.The research lab is well equipped with various sophisticated equipments which help in carrying out research in the various frontier as well as emerging areas in chemistry.

Department of Visual Media and Communication

The Department of Visual Media and Communication at Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi has pioneered a uniquely incorporated combination of innovative media theories and practical works, designed to foster the critical understanding and creative use of the audio-visual media.

Department has excellent infrastructure with recording studio, post-production facilities, lighting systems, modern video and still cameras, high end multimedia work stations, more than 500 film classics, books, digital library archive and faculty with professional experience.

Media Department provides an equal blend of practice and theory on our Undergraduate and Postgraduate programme.

Over the last seven years the Department have been able to prepare students for a life time work in a hastily changing field rather than training for the industry of the day.

Department of Commerce and Management

The Department of Commerce and Management is present in Amritapuri, Kochi and Mysore campuses. Department of Commerce and Management has been offering undergraduate and postgraduate programme relevant to the industry requirements in an exemplary manner since its inception. The department is endowed with learned and experienced faculty members and extremely good facilities.

The modern world is full of opportunities beset with challenges. The challenges can be overcome only by possessing the required skill sets. The academic programme M.Com., B.Com. and Bachelor of Business Management (B.B.M.) offered by the department imparts the necessary skills with a solid footage of theory and practice required for the industry, commerce and academia.

The curricula defined for the course and the course delivery mechanisms are designed to achieve this objective in an uncompromising stature, meeting international standards.

Department of English

The Department of English is present in Amritapuri, Kochi and Mysore campuses. The Department of English, since its formation, has been focusing on promoting the communication skills of students entering the portals of technical education as well as higher education.

The objectives of teaching English have undergone continuous changes in the last two decades. Language is now increasingly being recognized as more psychology than reason, more culture than intellect and more usage than grammar.

In Amritapuri and Kochi campuses, the Department offers a five year Integrated M.A. degree program in English Language and Literature. The program offers a comprehensive study of British literature, and opens up opportunities as it includes job-oriented courses like Journalism, English Language Teaching, Creative Writing, Film Studies and Translation Studies as electives. It will give the learners an impeccable command of the English language. Its unique feature is that it offers a course in spiritual literature with the objective to help the students develop a healthy, noble vision of life.

In Mysore, the department serves as a supporting department to all other departments in the campus.

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science is present in Kochi and Mysore campuses. The Department was established with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Computer Science and I.T. Applications.

The Department aim at carving out graduates with professional knowledge. Many of our Alumni are holding important positions in I.T. industry in India and abroad.

The Department offers M. C. A. and B. C. A. in both the campuses. The Department of Computer Science at Mysore also offers M. Sc. CS.

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is present in Amritapuri and Kochi campuses. In Amritapuri campus, the Department of Mathematics offers a five - year Integrated M. Sc. program in Mathematics & Physics and M. Sc. Mathematics Program. 

The Department also supports Amrita School of Engineering - B.Tech and M.Tech programs, Amrita School of Biotechnology and other departments such as Commerce & Management on Amritapuri Campus by offering various courses. In addition, the Department also offer courses for Ph. D. programs of Amrita University.

In Kochi campus, the department serves as a supporting department to all other departments in the campus.

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics currently exists at the Amritapuri campus alone. The Department of Physics started functioning in the year 2006. The Department is enriched with well qualified and experienced faculty members with diverse areas of specialization.

Apart from the courses offered by the Department, we offer Physics and Science elective courses for Amrita School of Engineering students.The Department provide additional facilities for students such as Virtual Lab and Demolab, which help the students to improve their thinking ability and to analyze things in a different way.

The Department possess a well equipped Lab of undergraduate and postgraduate level. The Department library consists of books of more than 200 titles and the Department is also rich in e - learning resources.

By regularly organizing seminars and workshops by external experts, the Department encourage students to get in touch with the progressing areas and new trends in science.The Department also encourage students to do their projects related to postgraduation in major research institutions across India so that they could get an early exposure to burning research topics.

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