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The department calendar is replete with events and workshops organized by the students, both as a part of their course demands and as a part of the department’s academic extension activities. Students get to involve in every stage of event planning and execution apart from gaining directly from the academic vigour of the events. Reputed scholars, industry experts, celebrities and other significant personalities frequently interact with the students through such initiatives, providing the students with a completely fresh and erudite approach to life and profession.

Students also get to express their vivid and myriad talents through cultural events of the university like the Gokulashtami cultural extravaganza and Anokha.


The essence of responsibility lies in the fusion of commitment and compassion. This fusion found its embodiment in the resolute actions of the students belonging to the 2021 BA batch within the Department of Mass Communication at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore. Their journey is a testament to how commitments, when fulfilled with genuine compassion, can create ripples of positive change.

In a seamless union of purpose and action, these students not only fulfilled their promise but exceeded expectations in their pursuit of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives. Their allegiance took shape in collaboration with AIDA (Amrita Institute for the Differently Abled), a partnership that transcended traditional boundaries to encompass empathy and empowerment.

The transformative journey reached its zenith through the ‘SONIX’ event, meticulously crafted over two days in April 2023. As a vital component of their course in PR and Event Management, ‘SONIX’ served as a platform for these students to channel their talents for a noble cause. By partnering with the Amrita Institute of Differently Abled (AIDA) in Kochi, their objective expanded beyond education to become a beacon of awareness and advocacy.
‘SONIX’ was more than an event; it was a harmonious symphony that harmonized entertainment with benevolence. The event was a testament to the values held dear by AIDA, emphasizing the significance of unity and support for individuals with diverse abilities
The pinnacle of this remarkable journey arrived on the 8th of August, as ‘Team SONIX’ translated their commitment into a tangible gesture. Their act of benevolence manifested as sponsorship and presentation of a cutting-edge physiotherapeutic nerve stimulation and ultrasound scanning machine. This generous contribution was more than just a material gift; it symbolized their unwavering dedication to enhancing the quality of life for the members of AIDA, underscoring their belief in the potential for change through compassion.The tale of these students from the 2021 BA batch at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham resonates as an inspiring example of how responsibility, infused with compassion, can catalyze profound impact. Their story echoes through time, serving as a reminder that when commitment and empathy converge, they have the power to inspire transformative change, lighting the way for future generations to embrace their responsibilities with open hearts and a sense of purpose.

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