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ACM Student Chapter

ACM, or the Association for Computing Machinery, is a prominent international professional organization dedicated to advancing the field of computing and information technology. Established in 1947, ACM serves as a platform for researchers, practitioners, educators, and students to collaborate, exchange ideas, and contribute to the development of computer science and related disciplines.

ACM stands as a radiant beacon in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation. With a legacy spanning a decade, ACM has become more than just an organization; it is a vibrant tapestry interwoven with the brilliant threads of countless minds, all driven by a common passion for computing.

ACM is not confined to the realm of mere technicalities; it is a boundless realm of ideas, creativity, and collaboration. It is a sanctuary where aspiring minds converge to unravel the mysteries of algorithms, sculpt the future of artificial intelligence, and sculpt the virtual worlds of tomorrow. Within ACM’s embrace, researchers unfurl the wings of innovation, soaring through the skies of discovery to uncover solutions that touch lives and reshape societies.

SIG AI is a community dedicated to advancing AI through research, education, and collaboration. It fosters knowledge exchange, interdisciplinary work, and ethical AI development, offering resources and opportunities for researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts in the field.

SIG CP is a group dedicated to honing algorithmic and coding skills through timed problem-solving contests, fostering a community of programmers and enthusiasts.

SIG Cyber spearheads cyber security progress through research, collaboration, and specialized conferences, particularly emphasizing cryptography, network security, and privacy.

SIG Glitch is a community within ACM that promotes collaboration, research sharing, and innovation in game development. Members explore various aspects of game design and technology, fostering networking and knowledge exchange within the gaming industry.

SIG Web is a special interest group focused on web development, hypertext, and hypermedia. It brings together professionals to discuss and advance web technologies through conferences, workshops, and publications.

ICPC Asia – West Continent 2019 Finalist & ICPC Pune Regionals 2019 Rank 7

Smart India Hackathon winners, 2022

ALGO Queen 2023, World Finalists

ACM Student Chapter
Vani R.

Rank 45

ACM Student Chapter
Gowri P. Shenoy

Rank 87

ACM Student Chapter
Nanditha N. K.

Rank 110

Silver Award – India International Innovation and Invention Expo

Megha Mohan
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