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FOSS @ Amrita

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The FOSS @ Amrita club in Amritapuri campus is the oldest technical club in the campus.

FOSS stands for Free and Open Source Software. As the name indicates the source code of these software are available for anyone to see and modify. One of the best ways to learn coding is to read code written by experts in the field. The club helps students to develop skills to make them excellent problem solvers and a better human being.

Foss @ Amrita is open for anyone who is willing to learn and work hands-on. After spending a few years in the club students either get international internships or fully funded masters program or excellent jobs which pay 40% higher than regular jobs. Students from this club represent Amrita University in International level by giving talks in international FOSS conferences. Students also get excellent mentoring from the very strong alumni community all over the world.

Students start of with basics of problem solving and coding. In a few years, they gain skills such as ability to code fluently and debug large code base, easily read thousands of lines of code, contribute code into an existing large code base with more than million lines of code, communicate effectively via email and internet relay chats, usage of version control systems, making effective presentations, giving talks and taking training sessions, writing effective resumes, building social media profile and many more.

Over the years the club has improved the effectiveness of the internal training and currently students are able to get into Google’s Summer of Code (GSoC) from the very first year itself. In 2016 Foss club was the 10th in the world in terms of number of students getting into GSoC

The club focuses on holistic development of its members. In addition to spending time in the lab, the students also take part in activities such as sports, gardening, outing and many more. Moreover, students are exposed to talks by experts on various fields to develop a broad mindset.

FOSS @ Amrita has always been a pioneer and trend setter in Amrita University. Over the years the club had many firsts in Amritapuri campus.

The students from foss club were the first from Amrita to

And many more.

Today, the club has many special interest groups such as Web Application Development, Mobile application development, Systems, Algorithmic problem solving and many more.

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Team Bi0s

Team bi0s is the student cyber security team of Amritapuri campus. It is currently the number 1 ethical hacking team in India in ahead of all IITs and NITs.

NASSCOM predicts over a million job vacancies in the area of cybersecurity and it is one of the hottest fields in computer science today and it is expected to continue growing for years. Prepare for a lucrative and futuristic career by joining team bi0s.

Team bi0s was formed in 2007 to take part in an international cyber security contest hosted by RWTH Aachen university. Ever since, the members have been mastering their skills by regularly taking part in international cybersecurity contests held online.

In 2010, team bi0s started India’s first cybersecurity contest, InCTF, for college students in India. This has been the starting point for cybersecurity for 1000s of students across the country.

In 2015, the team also started focusing on school students in India via InCTFj and CyberGurukulam. Today, team bi0s is the number 1 cybersecurity team in India (based on contests conducted throughout the year) and a pioneer in cybersecurity education in the country. The excellent training imparted to students ensures that they are able to excel in the field of cybersecurity.

The alumni from the club are all over the world and working in top companies such as Google, Amazon, VMWare, FireEye, Flipkart, RedHat, PayPal, Cisco, Ericsson etc and also in some exciting security startups such as ERNW, Okta and Synack. A few of them have also completed PhD in the area of cybersecurity.

Recently team members have got fully funded internships to work with some of the top names in security in US.

Every report indicated huge job vacancies in the area of cybersecurity. Joining team bi0s ensures that you gain solid skills and launch yourself for an excellent career.

Apart from excelling in the field, bi0s also takes note of the importance of cybersecurity awareness in the country and constantly works towards it by conducting workshops and meetups. So far, the team has successfully conducted several extensively hands-on workshops for students from high school to final year undergraduates.

Students who perform well also get academic attendance waiver and special electives that help them to progress rapidly.

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