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To be a global leader in the delivery of engineering education, transforming individuals to become creative, innovative, and socially responsible contributors in their professions.

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  • To provide best-in-class infrastructure and resources to achieve excellence in technical education,
  • To promote knowledge development in thematic research areas that have a positive impact on society, both nationally and globally,
  • To design and maintain the highest quality education through active engagement with all stakeholders – students, faculty, industry, alumni and reputed academic institutions,
  • To contribute to the quality enhancement of the local and global education ecosystem,
  • To promote a culture of collaboration that allows creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship to flourish, and
  • To practice and promote high standards of professional ethics, transparency, and accountability.
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Educational Approach

The Schools are accredited with the highest rating of ‘A++’ by the National Accreditation and Assessment Council of India (NAAC). The course curriculum is credit-based, and syllabus is industry- and research-oriented.

Our curriculum is industry-driven, with input from experts. All programs are credit-based, promoting comprehensive learning. We emphasize a solution-mindset and ethical standards. Top recruiters from India and abroad actively seek our graduates.

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All the laboratories are well equipped with latest equipment and software tools required for B. Tech, and Ph.D. programs. The school has state-of-the-art computer laboratories and high-end supercomputing facilities.

The school serves an excellent infrastructure including Library, Laboratories and Sports facilities.

The school prioritizes a solution-oriented mindset and high ethical standards in its graduates. Recruiters from prestigious companies and institutes both in India and abroad actively seek out these students.

The school’s commitment to excellence is evident through its focused approach to curriculum, teaching-learning, student support, infrastructure, and research, aiming to become the best in the country.

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