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About School of Physical Sciences

The Amrita School of Physical Sciences, Amaravati is a lush-green campus is located on the riverbank of Krishna river. The various programs offered focuses on the holistic development of a person by imparting quality education with an emphasis on education for life. To a large extent, the research undertaken is multidisciplinary in nature and also covers the technologically relevant areas. The Mission of the University is to mould an individual with various skills which will be a strong partner in nation-building.

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“To develop the School into an internationally acclaimed one by offering high quality Academic and Research Programs in the frontier areas of physical sciences that benefit the society in bringing peace and harmony.”

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To have vibrant academic programs which nurture independent and innovative thinking leading to the creation of strong minds capable of solving complex problems

To foster trans-disciplinary research that can contribute immensely to society and environment leading to sustainable solutions for better tomorrow.

To have strong national and international collaboration, which helps the department understand and contribute to global scientific research.

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