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Thierry Tartarin

Thierry Tartarin is a researcher at the School of Finance & International Business of Saxion University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands (NL). Saxion University of Applied Sciences is divided amongst 13 schools and educates 27000 students in three locations.

Mr. Tartarin has a master’s in education. He is a researcher of the Business Models research group specializing in circular economy and digitalization within the scope of circular innovation, energy transition, and key enabling technologies using social-economic innovation methods. He is involved in ongoing research on drone applications and their relation to the circular economy, the Internet of Things methodology for Small and Medium Enterprises, Smart City governance toolbox, and Business Model Innovation for European construction and demolition waste. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, he has published papers on the impact of COVID-19 on international organizations’ business models and digitalization, particularly in Romania. The latest ongoing research includes European projects for entrepreneurship between business and academics and Electronics waste reduction.

He has 17 years of experience in education curriculum design and has developed programs in full curriculum co-creation with students. One of these programs is the Minor “Tomorrow’s world, India” in partnership with Amrita University. He has recently developed an “International Virtual Collaboration” tool for a flexible and timely integration of international collaboration in curricula. Together with Saxion colleagues, he is writing a chapter on Business Model teaching for the book series (Elgar Guides to Teaching – Teaching Methods – Book Series ( , expected to release in 2025).

Mr. Tartarin has set up “ Drone Fusion, the International platform for drone researchers and schools innovating for a circular tomorrow,” to develop a curriculum for drone-related education. The Drone Fusion web application enables schools worldwide to develop drone-related curricula together and share the results of their work with others. It will also be a prime environment for drone scholars, researchers, and practitioners to find each other, share, and collaborate.

The platform, recently launched, has around 300 drone professionals in 24 countries. The platform accelerates curriculum diffusion of drone-related programs internationally at all education levels and stimulates the upcoming drone revolution. The Drone Fusion movement is supported by “ Drone Fusion Days” in different countries. In India, as per the intention of Prime Minister Modi to become the number 1 drone technology country in the world, Drone Fusion days are already planned in Calicut and Goa. In the rest of the world, The Netherlands, Malta, Malaysia, USA, with many more to come.

Mr. Tartarin is a visiting professor at Amrita University, where he has provided guest lectures about Business Model Innovation, Sustainability, and Leadership. A teacher at heart, Mr. Tartarin regularly provides online guest lectures, workshops, and keynotes to Indian universities and management schools. 

He is an active member of the Netherlands India Chamber of Trade and Commerce in The Netherlands (NICTC). He regularly contributes to the Foundation for Critical Choices for India, a Dutch think tank for initiating and implementing studies and programs on issues of strategic importance to India. He is the initiator and co-chair of the International bi-annual series of Business Management conferences in collaboration with Farook Institute of Management Studies, Calicut (2021 “Emerging trends in Business & Management”; 2023 “Business Model Transformation for the Circular Economy”). He also supports the FIMS-EPM Executive Program in Management in Calicut through regular interaction with local entrepreneurs.

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