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Thematic Area: Health & Hygiene

Project Guide(s): Mr. Vivek, Amrita CREATE, and Mr. Renjith Mohan and Mr. Vineeth M., Amrita Center for International Programs

International Partners: Abraham Noorbakhsh, Jonathan Laroya, Kelsey O’Brien, and Natalie Gyenes. Harvard School of Public Health, U.S.

Amrita Partners: Arathy Udayakumar, Tinky Emily Terrance, Athira M., and Nimmi P.V., Department of Social Work

Village: Mothakara,Kerala

Project Duration:1 month

Identified Challenge & Aim:
With increased poverty, spiraling debt, and an inability to find sustainable employment, many villagers turn towards alcohol to drown their sorrows. Seeing this behavior, the next generation is also succumbing to its detrimental effects with families being torn apart and children dropping out of school. Therefore, alcoholism has become a growing concern among rural communities.

The Study/Innovation:
Students from the Department of Social Work and the Harvard School of Public Health joined staff from AmritaCreate and the Center for International Programs to understand the current health status, in terms of alcoholism rates, of the tribal community in Mothakara. The team first conducted a brief community profile to understand the social, cultural, economic, and health details of the community. They then designed and implemented interactive awareness sessions with school going children about alcoholism and the adverse effects of alcohol abuse.

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