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Our major water sources for the drinking water and laboratory purposes in the college premises are bore wells and Panchayat water connection. Our bore wells are 90 to 100 feet in depth and provide us the surplus quantity of water for our daily requirements.

From the bore wells the water is pumped into a raw water collection tank followed by a dual media filtration process. The dual media comprised of layers of Sand and Activated Carbon. Then this filtered water is collected into a filtered water tank. The filtered water is provided for bathing and drinking purposes whereas the unfiltered water is directly fed onto the flush-water tank for toilet flushing. Now we have replaced the water with our recycled water from STP at different locations. We are on a phase to provide recycled water all over the campus for flushing purposes.

Measuring water usage:

Amrita strongly believes in the philosophy: “If you don’t measure it, you cannot manage or improve it”. In an effort to track the freshwater usage, all the bore wells are fitted with a water meter and a dedicated team tracks this data on a daily basis.

Annual Water Consumption & Effluent Generation
  2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Total Freshwater

Consumption (m3/year)

6,50,917 6,60,207 6,09,327 6,63,260 1,78,562 1,09,150
Water from rain water harvesting system (m3/year) 83,060 84,020 1,06,060 88,670 89,550 83,560
Water reused for Irrigation and

Toilets (m3/year)

5,10,733 5,44,450 5,83,500 6,13,450 1,56,072 82,790
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