Ammachi Labs is a multidisciplinary research center of Amrita University with a focus in technological innovation for social impact in the field of computer-human interaction, haptics, multimedia and virtual reality, with application areas in education, health care, defense and disaster preparedness. Ammachi Labs extends Amrita University’s mission of providing effective value-based education to include skill development at all levels and in all disciplines.... Read more»
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AMMACHI Labs is one of the many successful research centers of Amrita University. The staff of the lab is diverse, and the research and academic presence reflects the same.  We will be launching a Masters of Technology Research and Study Program in Robotics and Automation. Amrita University offers an MTech in Robotics Engineering program which provides an in-depth knowledge in the areas of robotics engineering covering its varied aspects such as haptics technology... Read more»

The core value of all research at AMMACHI Labs is to provide innovative technological solutions that are affordable to the masses. Through our parent organization, Embracing the World, we strive to ensure that the outcomes of our research reach impoverished and needful populations across the globe. Using Human Computer Interaction technology, powered by the modalities of multimedia and haptics that greatly improve accessibility and scalability, AMMACHI Labs aims to augment skill development, life enrichment education, healthcare, disaster risk reduction and much more... Read more»

Researchers at Amrita have contributed to various internationally renowned and nationally acclaimed research publications. The Center has exhibited robust participation in various workshops, seminars, informative sessions and conferences in local, national and international circuit and has presented thesis on a broad array of hot research topics in cyber security domain that has been in the limelight of late... Read more»

AMMACHI Labs won awards and accolades for its trailblazing technology innovations in education (vocational and skills training) and e-learning solutions. AMMACHI Labs won the Computer Society of India’s (CSI) Awards for Excellence in IT for path-breaking innovations in education and e-learning solutions... Read more»

Ammachi Labs Collaborators ImgAMMACHI Labs has a wide array of internationally reputed patrons, partners and collaborators who work as a team complementing each others proficiency in cutting edge technologies and resources, faculty in evolving fields of research to synergise and perform beyond their abilities. AMMACHI Labs have won many awards and accolades for its path-breaking technology innovations in education (vocational and skills training) and e-learning solutions. Research at Amrita contributes way too much more than most other research institutes around the globe towards improving the quality of life of less privileged people among us... Read more»

Assoc. Prof. Bhavani B, Director,
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham,
Amritapuri, Clappana P. O.,
Kollam - 690525, Kerala, India

Phone: +91 476 2804409

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