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List of events conducted by ECIF in the academic year 2011-2012


Seminar focusing on career opportunities after Undergraduate Studies and tackling competitive examinations such as GRE, CAT and GATE.
26th October 2011
By: Mr. Viswajith S.V, Faculty, ECE Dept.

Hands-on workshop in electronic circuit simulation using LTSpice simulator.
2nd November 2011
By: Mrs. Ponni M, Faculty, ECE Dept.

Remedial Classes for 2nd Year B. Tech. students in Signals and Systems.
14th November to 23rd November, 2011
By: 3rd Year ECE Students.

Seminar on “Web Applications Security”
10th March 2011 [Jointly conducted with FACE]
By: Dr Raja Banerjee, Director of Engineering, Cisco

Tech talk on “Current trends in Electronics”
17th March 2011 [Jointly conducted with CIR Dept.]
By: Mr Ravi Ranjan, Technical Project Head, L & T Pvt Ltd.

PCB Design Hands-on Workshop
23rd and 24th March, 2011
By: Electronics For You [EFY] Enterprises

Hands- on Workshop on Digital Signal Processors [TMS 320 C 5515].
20th April 2011
By: Texas Instruments, India through Cranes Softwares.

Hands-on Workshop on LabView.
21st April 2011
By: National Instruments, India through Cranes Softwares.

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