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About the Project

Data or big data analytics in smart grid focuses on extracting relevant and valid information from historical data and using for forecasting and planning the operation of the grid at various levels in future. This will involve incorporating intermittent renewable based sources, conventional distributed sources, dynamic load behaviours and new age concepts like prosumer and electric vehicle as source and load in managing real time grid operation. The design and development of intelligent models that can contribute to these decisions and further deployment and demonstration of these models in a cloud infrastructure accommodating global ICT standards is a challenging problem. The work involves development of data analytics approaches for analysing the operation of micro grids using online or generated datasets. Using these results ML models are to be developed for intelligent operation of micro grids for selected use cases.

Department & Campus

Department of Computer Science Engineering (Cybersecurity) ,Chennai

Any Specific Skillsets Required by Applicants

Basic knowledge on power system and (big) data analytics approaches

Faculty Profile

Data (Big Data) Analytics in Smart Grid
Dr. Sivraj P.

Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.), Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering , School of Engineering, Coimbatore.

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