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About the Project

Sustainable fashion influencers are establishing a community online by sharing tips on restyle clothing and mending tutorials. Local brands support slow fashion and point out resources that shed light on the shadow side of the fashion industry. They are altering stories and assisting us in rethinking our relationship with clothing. By drawing customers’ attention away from fast fashion’s social and environmental flaws and exemplifying more sustainable options, sustainable fashion influencers play a crucial role in shifting consumer behaviour. To this end the proposed thesis will use a mixed method approach. Based on the secondary data and literature analysis, two conceptual models for each qualitative (Janusz Wielki,2020 & Agnieszka Chwialkowska (2019) and quantitative (Johnstone and Lindh, 2021 & Johnstone and Lindh, 2017) will be adapted for the study in the Indian context (i) to analyze the level of awareness about Indian social media sustainability fashion influencers among Indian consumers, their patterns of fashion products consumption and the role of influencers in influencing purchase intention, and (ii) study the communication strategies of top Indian sustainable fashion influencers adopted through social media platforms.

Department and Campus

Department of Mass Communication, School of Arts, Humanities & Commerce, Coimbatore

Skillsets Preferred from Applicants

Strong foundation in research, academic writing skills


Social media influencers, Sustainable Fashion Awareness and Consumption
Dr. Kalyani Suresh

Vice Chairperson | Associate Professor
School of Communication, Coimbatore

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