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Amrita Center for Advanced Robotics is an engineering research lab mainly focusing on Robotics, Health Care, Human Aided Devices, and Embedded Systems and is headed by Prof. Rajesh Kannan Megalingam of department of Electronics and Communication. Our research focuses on Engineering.Design and develop technologies for building robotic components and sophisticated machine learning, computer vision and navigational algorithms for autonomous robots that operate in both deterministic and non-deterministic environments, to be used in the areas of agriculture, healthcare, disaster and pandemic management, service etc. Main areas of focus includes but not limited to:

  1. Development of Light Weight, High Torque, High Power Actuators and Force-Torque Sensors
  2. Development of sophisticated learning algorithms for both deterministic and non-deterministic environments
  3. Design and Development of Robots for agriculture, healthcare, disaster management, service, pandemic etc.
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To be one of the state-of-the art research centres in the world in the field of advanced robotics covering agriculture, healthcare, service, disaster management, pandemic, and collaborative robotics



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