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About the Clinical Skills Simulation Center

The Amrita Clinical Skills Simulation Center dedicates itself to the use of advanced mannequins for learning and teaching of surgical procedures.

Mannequins are life-size human-like figures and are already in use as virtual patients at Amrita to impart medical education. These virtual patients allow students to make diagnoses and arrive at therapeutic decisions with the help of interactive computer simulations. Students can also do medical procedures on mannequins before performing on real patients.

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The Amrita Institute of Medical sciences introduced the Center to reduce the dependence on human bodies for medical education and training. The Clinical Skill Simulation Centre creates artificial models of human bodies, complete with organs and bodily functions. These medical mannequins will be made of polyvinyl rubber and equipped with custom-made software.

The symptoms and signs of various diseases will be incorporated into the models, along with the functions of heart and lungs under various conditions. Examination and treatment of patients with heart attack, patients who are unconscious or are victims of accident can be conducted on these mannequins.

Also normal and abnormal deliveries, Caesarian operations, abdominal operations and various diagnostic procedures can be conducted. The responses that patients give to questions can be simulated using these models.

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  • Innovative, Noninvasive, Medical/Surgical Technology and Education: The state-of-the-art techniques result in less post-surgery pain, fewer complications, less scarring, faster recovery time and early discharging of the patients from the hospital. These procedures are used across all clinical disciplines. The unique Simulation Center in AIMS helps in new teaching methodology in the field of medical education.
  • Simulation-Based Medical Education (SBME): Mainly dedicated to enhancing hands-on Medical education, performance assessment and evaluation, as well as improving clinical and communication skills
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