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Project Overview

The proposed IKS Centre at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (Amrita University) is inspired by the vision of the interconnectedness and interdisciplinary approach of Indian Knowledge Systems. This proposal is based on the concept – kāṇādaṃ pāṇinīyaṃ ca sarvaśāstropakārakaṃ || – the works of Kaṇāda and Pāṇinī are helpful for all the shastras. In ancient India, knowledge in a particular sphere was developed through a multidisciplinary approach linking other branches of knowledge. Keeping this as a long-term developmental goal, the IKS Center of Amrita University has chosen Āyurveda, Darśanas, and Vyākaraṇa as focus areas representing the broad IKS themes – (2) Upavedas ( with a focus on Āyurveda), (3) Darśanas (with an emphasis on Nyāya, Vaiśeṣika, and Sāṅkhya) and (4) Śāstras (with an emphasis on Vyākaraṇa). Focussed research, educational, and outreach activities have been formulated in the chosen areas to demonstrate the strengths and contemporary relevance of these disciplines for the betterment of human life, even as the synergistic dynamism between them will be highlighted through collaborative work. The team working on Āyurveda will focus on the topic “Ārogyasaṃskṛti” and develop a database on health-related issues codified in non-Ayurvedic Sanskrit texts to create a knowledge base to revitalize the health culture of India rooted in its traditions. The team working on Darsanas will formulate a research methodology (Parīkṣā Paddhati) inspired by Indian epistemology and ontology that can be applied for knowledge creation in IKS. The team working on Vyākaraṇa will bring out a zero draft of the critical edition (Pāṭhavimarśanātmaka sampādana and adhyayana) of Paṇini’s Aṣṭādhyāyi.

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