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Design, Development, and Deployment of Overlay Smart Grid Network

The power grid may be destroyed partially or completely during or post disaster. AmritaWNA researchers are working to provide an overlay grid that will establish a fully connected communication network. Wireless smart grid systems are being developed with wireless sensors to monitor energy wastage, line faults, excessive usage of energy, power theft, outlets to recharge renewable batteries, renewable energy generation and transmission etc. Electrical Engineering, Wireless Networks, and Electronics Engineering.

Integration and Deployment of Renewable Energy Sources into Smart Grid Network

In India, the demand for energy exceeds the production of energy. The Price for conventional, centralized energies is rising and tends to rend India vulnerable to uncontrollable and international factors. Renewable energy integration is a solution to meet energy demand with limited transmission investments while limiting the national carbon footprint. Renewable energies participate in destabilizing the grid due to their unpredictable output. They cannot adjust with the grid in remote areas where power quality is poor and get disconnected when grid condition become extreme. Our project will propose solutions to such problems that allow a large scale integration of renewable energies to the grid.

Design, Development, and Deployment of Micro Grid Network

The main objective of the project is to develop a state-of-the-art smart micro-grid for India. The self sustainable microgrid patches have almost all characteristics of smart grid such as self healing capability, distributed renewable energy generators, automatic billing and metering infrastructure, power theft and line fault detection capabilities etc. These new characteristics of the smart grid will be achieved by the integration of renewable energy harvesters, smart meters, appropriate power electronics, energy storage devices, and wireless network system.

Team Members

Wireless Smart Grid – AmritaWNA Research Area
Maneesha V. Ramesh

Leader of the Team

Wireless Smart Grid – AmritaWNA Research Area
Aryadevi R. D.


Wireless Smart Grid – AmritaWNA Research Area


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