Electricity usage is increasing day by day due to the changing life style of home user and an increase in appliances in the home area network. Our proposed home energy management system for home users will monitor, manage and control the usage of home appliances, by reducing the monthly electricity bill The proposed wireless architecture consists of an appliance control device called Wireless Enabled Electricity Manager (WEEMAN) installed next to a switch board or every device/ appliance in a room. The central node called smart meter runs an algorithm called Availability Based Energy Management algorithm. This algorithm learns about the previous usage patterns of the appliances, collects real time power consumption of appliances from WEEMAN to generate efficient energy load patterns. The highpoint of the algorithm is that it gives an option for the user to set their monthly current bill and pro-actively control the operation of all the appliances according to the amount. We have developed a hardware test bed consisting of WEEMAN connected to some selected appliances and a smart meter to control every WEEMAN.


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Aryadevi R. D.


Subeesh T. S.