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Amrita WNA is actively involved in the area of health care research with the aim of effectively providing healthcare solutions in rural areas.

The project focuses on developing integrated, continuous monitoring, and medical alert technology using unobtrusive, wireless sensor devices in three distinct medical areas – Cardiovascular Disorders, Neurological Disorders, and Sleep Disorders. AmritaSpandanam, the prototype of a wireless heart monitor, was launched in September 2013.

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  • Healthcare anywhere anytime, a dream not realized in most parts of the world.
  • Startling lack of access to quality healthcare especially in rural areas.
  • Real-time monitoring can help in early detection of diseases and hence improve the chances for a longer and productive life.
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Current Scenario

  • In Indian market no continuous remote monitoring device as of now
  • High cost per unit and lack of features makes it a damper for rural deployment

For Rural Community

  • Daily wage employees have inhibition to visit hospital for further tests
  • Emergency Detection of blood pressure, blood glucose, SpO2 and ECG
  • Portable and wearable
  • Real-time continuous monitoring with doctor intervention in emergencies
  • Post Operative Monitoring enables early discharge from costly ICU beds

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