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The Center plays an important role in the process of scientific discovery and the field of engineering design. It offers multi-disciplinary M. Tech. programs in Computational Engineering and Networking as well as in Remote Sensing and Wireless Sensor Networks.

M. Tech. in Computational Engineering and Networking

The course provides training so that graduates can work on solving difficult practical problems in close association with engineers, physicists, computer scientists and mathematicians…

M. Tech. in Remote Sensing & Wireless Sensor Network

The basic course begins with a strong foundation in mathematics. This is then strengthened by courses in image processing, pattern recognition, sensor technology, remote sensing, wireless networking and geographical information systems…

Students specialize in the following areas through special electives:-

  1. Machine Learning
    • Deep Learning Neural Networks
    • Support Vector Machines and Other Kernel Methods
    • Advanced Graphical Models
    • Statistical Machine Translation
    • Speech Controlled Humanoid Robots
  2. Cyber Security
    • Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
    • HPC platform (GPGPU) for Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
    • Image, Video and Audio Watermarking and Steganography
    • USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) for capturing wireless data and analysis
  3. Embedded Computing and Control
    • Arduino based control system for Home-Office Automation, Gardening , Farming, Aerial and Underwater Exploration through Unmanned Vehicles.
    • Raspberry PI
    • DSP with FPGA
    • Wireless Sensor Networks for Farming and Aquaponics
  4. Robotics and Computer Vision
    • Quad rotor UAV
    • Ornithopter (flapping wing robots)
    • Robotic Manipulators(arm)
    • Ground and Underwater Rovers
    • Robotic Vision and Speech
  5. Natural Language Processing
    • Machine Translation
    • Speech Recognition
    • Speech Synthesis
    • Optical Character Recognition
  6. Computational Chemistry
    • Pharmacogenomics
    • Computational Nano Technology
    • Computational Drug Designing and Delivery Systems
    • Computational Material Science
    • Molecular System Biology
    • Smart Materials and Systems
  7. Scientific Computing and Applications
    • Computer Graphics, Game Design
    • 3D Modeling and Animation
    • Computer Vision and Gaming with Kinect
    • Finite Element and Analysis for Engineering Design
  8. Wireless Communication
    • Software Defined Radio with USRP and RTL-SDR
    • Mobile Communication Applications with OpenBTS
    • Wireless Sensor Motes
    • Arduino Based Sensor Networks
    • Applications in Precision Farming , Wireless Gardening and Aquaponic System
  9. Signal and Image Processing
    • Wavelet Based Signal and Image Processing
    • Sparse Signal Processing
    • Compressed Sensing
    • PDE and Variational Image Processing
    • Hyperspectral Image Processing and Analysis
    • Vibration and Fault Analysis
    • Geometric Algebra Based Image Processing
  10. Geographical Information System
    • GIS
    • Remote Measurement Techniques
    • Applications in Agriculture

Students will get guidance and support for their preparation for online courses like Coursera, Openclass, Udacity and also for getting a good GATE score. CEN faculty are effectively utilizing free online courses to update their knowledge and for getting multidisciplinary view of every topic covered in the syllabus.

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