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AmritaCREATE’s objective is to provide accessible quality educational technologies for all by designing innovative products that shape the lives of the people it educates. The projects integrate research and practice with the aim of improving the educational experiences of teachers and students. Most of the center’s work is conducted in educational settings such as classrooms, after-school programs, village and community learning centres, and teacher education programs.

The center is working to bring about a transformation in education by creating engaging simulations, animations, and voice applications. Its multi-media approach results in faster and more accurate learning. As the students stay engaged in the learning process, the overall academic performance is improved. In many of the programs, a teacher can get an instant and accurate assessment of the learning outcomes achieved by the student in each lesson.

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AmritaCREATE’s focus is on:

  • Modelling, Simulation and Management of:
    • Adaptive learning systems.
    • Language Learning systems.
    • Virtual and Interactive learning environments.
  • ICT-based intervention for differently abled learners.
  • Availability of e-learning content in local regional languages.
  • Digital literacy in rural community centres.
  • Use of visualisation tools in data analysis of teacher and learner performance.
  • Strategic uses of handheld computing devices in learning.
  • Design and deployment issues in cloud computing environments.

AmritaCREATE is establishing partnerships with technology firms, educational institutions, government organisations and NGOs that supports product co-development, strategy identification, and/or research. The center’s expertise is combined with that of its partner organisations to create vibrant educational products and services.


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