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Services Offered at Center for Entrepreneurship

  • Consulting: To help constituent schools and other institutions who seek assistance to design, develop and execute entrepreneurship programs, facilitate and run networking activities and events and connect them to other resources available at Amrita
  • Faculty Development: Where faculty members are trained to become mentors of entrepreneurs and work with entrepreneurs as part of the faculty development courses. ACE would design and develop courses in collaboration with industry experts and organize lectures on entrepreneurship
  • Workshops/Events: Coordinate regular leadership development workshops/events and recognize students who head campus-based entrepreneurship cell
  • Create a team of volunteers who may be entrepreneurs, academicians, venture capitalists or other professionals, who would participate in ACE programs as speakers, mentors or judges
  • e-clubs: Setup e-clubs to provide dynamic networking, skill building and support for ACE registrants
  • Provide an eco-system that will kindle, nurture, and support the innate desire and ideas lying dormant in the individual and create avenues to fructify those ideas into meaningful enterprises
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