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About Center for Entrepreneurship

The Amrita Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) is instituted with the objective of infusing entrepreneurial spirit to help budding talents achieve their goals with the institution’s excellent infrastructure, mentoring and technical assistance.

The Center for Entrepreneurship is setup to have a multifarious role that will help in the creation of a powerful ACE community, creation of student clubs, high-impact entrepreneurship programs, generation of opportunities, organizing leadership development programs, etc.

The ACE aims to provide an eco-system that will kindle, nurture and support the innate desires and ideas lying dormant in the individual and create avenues to fructify those ideas into meaningful enterprises.

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The Center functions in the following ways

  • Design, develop and execute high impact entrepreneurship programs and create opportunities for Amrita students at local and national levels. The programs include talks, games and exercises, short courses, events, mentoring, incubation and networking.
  • Form student clubs in each campus to promote entrepreneurship
  • Create a powerful ‘ACE Community’ by bringing in institutional members, hiring/seeking support from faculty, mentors and experts, besides identifying student leaders to form Entrepreneurship Clubs
  • Develop the capacity of ACE to run a mature set of entrepreneurship development programs over the next 3 to 5 years
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