Major Research Themes

  • Ex-situ conservation, cultivation and propagation of medicinal and ayurvedic plants as well as other endangered species of plants
  • Sustainable agriculture, pesticide residues in food and agricultural produce
  • Solid and liquid waste management through bioremediation
  • Analysis of wetlands and backwater ecosystems
  • Environmental monitoring andimpact analysis of mining sites and natural-disaster-prone areas
  • Characterisation of biodiversity of the Western Ghats, its effects on ecosystems and its conservation

Some Ongoing and Completed Research Projects

  • Ex situ Cultivation and Evaluation of Medicinal Plants 

    The project encompasses the activities of collection, cultivation, propagation and preservation of herbal and ayurvedic plants as well as other endangered plant species, with extensive community participation. The project is funded by the National Medicinal Plants Board, GOI

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  • Adoption of Organic Agriculture

    Completely pesticide-free cultivation of coconut, banana, vegetables and fodder grasses at the Coimbatore Campus. With the adoption of organic agriculture and chemical-free plant growing, the campus is a zero-chemical zone

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  • Massive Tree Planting and Greening of the Campus 

    Habitat development of the 400-acre campus in a semi-arid region through tree planting, soil and water conservation, landscaping

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  • Evaluation of Tree Species for Semi-Arid Regions 

    Over 200 species of trees are maintained in the campus.

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  • Vermicomposting under Varied Experimental Conditions

    An internally funded project, undertaken as part of the Indo-US collaborative program, composts solid organic wastes and leaf litter.

  • Bioremediation of Effluent Water through Effective Microbes (EM)

    The recycled water is used for for irrigation purposes. 

  • Rainwater Harvesting

    Ponds and water collection systems have been made on campus.