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About the Department

The Department of Education functions with an objective of fostering creative thinking among teacher trainees for reconstruction of knowledge and developing innovative pedagogy. The department is staffed with teachers who are well qualified with multiple master degrees, NET/SLET and doctorate credentials.

The two year B Ed is a four semester programme as per the NCTE Regulations 2014, with either Kannada or English as the medium of instruction. The programme is designed in a way that the graduating teacher trainee understands the nature, purpose and philosophy of secondary education while developing sensitivity to socio-cultural issues of national concern as well as an understanding of the psychology of learners.

The programme consists of three broad curricular areas – Perspectives in Education, Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies and Engagement with the Field (EWF) including courses on Enhancing Professional Capacities (EPC). The practical courses are classified into three groups namely college based, community based and school based enabling student teachers to engage with children, school and their contexts.

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The teacher trainees are well groomed and trained through their school internship in two phases as well as micro and macro teaching practices encouraging them to undertake action research.

The Four Year Integrated B.Sc B.Ed programme was introduced with an intention of addressing the existing gap in the field of school teaching. The programme started in response to the impetus laid by the Government on changes required in the field of primary and secondary education. This four year integrated programme is designed to help aspirants with a passion for teaching, save a year in their educational pursuit of teacher training. The programme provides for strong conceptual foundation through an application approach, well supported by structured teaching practice. The curriculum prescribed is a fine blend of core, allied, elective and mandatory courses along with school internship.

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