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The communication engineering lab provides facilities for conducting undergraduate level experiments and mini projects in the area of basic communication systems.  Students conduct experiments of different types of modulation and demodulation techniques and enhance their knowledge and understanding  in the area of analog and digital communication systems.

Lab Facilities

  • 30MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope
  • Keysight EDUX1002G 50MHz DSO with Built-in 20MHz FG
  • 0.3Hz to 3MHz function Generator with Digital display
  • Microcontroller based 3MHz Function Generator with 40MHz Frequency Counter
  • AM/FM Function Pulse Generator 3Mhz (with 40Mhz Freaquency Counter)
  • Variable power supply  (0-30V)(0-32V)(15V)(5V)
  • Audio Output Power meter 50 Watt Power measurement
  • 0.5 t0 500 MHz Spectrum Analyzer with built in tracking generator
  • AM Signal Generator 72 MHz with provision for external modulating signal input and db voltage measurement Model 2021 D
  • FM/ AM Signal Generator 225 MHz
  • 3MHz Function Generator
  • 25MHz Arbitary FG

Lab Courses

  • 15ECE385 Digital Communication laboratory
  • 15ECE381 Circuits and Communication Laboratory
  • 15ECE383 Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory

Faculty In-charge      : Mr. P.Sudheesh

Technical Staff          : Mr. N.Prabhu, Mr. K.Arulvadivel


This lab is used to get familiarized with various ICs and utilize them in the implementation of digital circuits. Experiments are carried out to design and test electronic circuits for various applications.  It has 15 work benches equipped with UPS connection. The lab has state of the art facilities and equipments. The major list of equipments available are:

Lab Facilities

  • Digital IC Trainer
  • Digital Lab Trainer kit
  • Digital IC Trainer Kit
  • Digital IC Tester
  • Linear IC Tester
  • 5KVA single phase servo stabilizer with RFI/EMI filter
  • 3 1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter
  • Digital Multimeter Model-801L
  • 3 ½ Digit Digital Multimeter
  • Digital Multimeter Model- 603
  • 0-30 Volt/2Amp variable Power Supply
  • DC regulated Dual Power Supply 0 -30 Volt /2A
  • DC regulated  Power Supply 0 -2 Volt /2A
  • Voltmeters- moving coil
  • Digital Voltmeter ( DC 0-2/20/200V)
  • Ammeters – Moving coil
  • Milli Ammeters Moving Coil (DC)                
  • Digital Ammeter ( DC 0-2/20/200mA)
  • 30 MHz  Dual trace  CRO
  • 30 MHz CRO Dual Trace  Model 3706 C
  • 30 MHz CRO Dual Trace  Model Scietech 801
  • DSO 50MHz 2-Channel  with built in 20MHZ Function Generator & Digital voltmeter-
  • DSO 70MHz , Model – 402
  • Function Generator with digital display
  • 3 MHz Multi waveform Signal Generator
  • Resistance Box  5 Dials

Lab Courses
Lab Courses

  • 15ECE281 : Digital Circuit and Systems Lab
  • 15ECE286 : Electronic Circuits lab
  • 15ECE387 : Open Lab

Faculty In-Charge     : Mr. Ramesh S R
Technical Staff          : Ms. Smitha R


Digital Signal processing (DSP) lab caters to the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Electronics and Communication engineering.  They offer students powerful techniques and tools to apply, synthesize, design, simulate and implement state-of-the-art solutions to modern engineering problems. Experimental activities cover fundamental concepts of digital signal processing such as sampling and aliasing, quantization, digital filter design and implementation. The lab provides hands-on experience in a way that integrates theory, software, hardware and applications.

Lab Facilities

  • Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC Video and Imaging Kit
  • Atlys™ Spartan-6 FPGA Development Board
  • Anvyl™ Spartan-6 FPGA Development Board
  • Nexys™3 Spartan-6 FPGA Board
  • Analog Discovery™ developed with Analog Devices
  • Vivado Design Suite – System Edition (2013.3)

Lab Courses
Lab Courses

  • 15ECE282 : Signals Processing I Lab
  • 15ECE285 : Digital Signal Processing Lab

Faculty In-Charge     : Mr. Peeyush K P
Technical Staff          : Mr. Chandrasekharan Nair B


Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab is the associated with the basic core courses of Electronics Engineering. This lab runs in both the semester and accommodates about 300 students per semester. The laboratory has basic electronic experiments on analog and digital circuits.

Lab Facilities

  • Digital IC Trainer
  • Digital IC Trainer Kit
  • Digital IC Tester
  • Linear IC Tester
  • 5KVA single phase servo stabilizer with RFI/EMI filter
  • 0-30 Volt/2Amp variable Power Supply
  • 0-32 Volt/2Amp variable Power Supply
  • DC regulated Power Supply 0 -2 Volt /2A
  • Voltmeters (0-1)(0-10)(0-30)V moving coil
  • Digital Voltmeter (DC 0-2/20/200V)
  • Ammeters Analog Moving coil
  • Digital Ammeter ( DC 0-2/20/200mA)
  • Dual trace CRO
  • DSO
  • Function Generator
  • LCR-Q Meter
  • Auto Tune Distortion Analyzer

Lab Courses

  • 15ECE281 : Digital Circuit and Systems Lab
  • 15ECE286 : Electronic Circuits lab
  • 15ECE387 : Open Lab

Faculty in-charge: Vidhya L.
Technical Staff: Mr. Dinesh Kumar D., Mr. Saravana Kumar S.


Electronics Hardware Lab is utilized by undergraduate students during the First year of their study. Basic experiments that help the students understand the working and application of simple electronic circuits are conducted here.

Lab Facilities

  • 8085  Microprocessor Trainer Kit
  • PSD 3003 Power Supply, 3A
  • Variable Power Supply (0-30V/2A)
  • 30 MHz Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
  • 30 MHz Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
  • Function Generator – 3MHz
  • Function Generator – 3MHz
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Decade Resistance Box
  • Decade Capacitance Box
  • Decade Inductance Box
  • DC Voltmeter  (0-10) V
  • DC Ammeter  (0-1) mA
  • DC Ammeter  (0-5) mA
  • DC Ammeter  (0-500) µA
  • Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
  • Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
  • Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
  • Rework Station (Soldering, Desoldering & SMD hot Air)
  • Bench Vice
  • Drilling Machine
  • Blower
  • DSO

Lab Courses

  • EEE180 : Workshop B

Faculty In-charge      : Ms. K S Anusha
Technical Staff          : Mr. M G Santhosh, Ms. R Kanjana


Microprocessor lab is utilized by Undergraduate and Post Graduate students for getting familiarized with Microprocessor and Microcontroller Development Kits. This lab also facilitates students to simulate and implement their projects in the field of Embedded Systems.

Lab Facilities

  • ARM LPC2148 Development Kit
  • PIC16F877A Development Kit
  • 8085 Microprocessor Kit
  • Proteus 8 Professional Software (Simulator)

Faculty In-Charge     : Mr. S Adarsh
Technical Staff          : Ms. Sudha R


The Radio Frequency and Microwave laboratory was established in the year 1996. The lab is equipped with full-fledged X band wave guide bench with Klystron and Gunn based microwave sources and Scalar power meter. A RF signal generator in the range 34MHz- 4.4GHz and receiver in the range 34MHz- 8.8GHz is presently added. Together with the waveguide peripherals including directional couplers, magic tees, circulators, tuners provide an excellent set up for the students to get a real time feel of wave propagation concepts and its applications. A complete VHF antenna measurement system was commissioned in the year 2004 with a variety of antennas including dipoles, monopoles, yagi uda and loop structures. The lab has five personal computer systems to provide exposure to the students in the area of electromagnetic simulation employing software. Apart from catering to  the regular academic laboratory requirements, students are exposed to innovative experiments involving radar cross section and microwave material characterization. Over the last three years, the lab has undertaken rigorous research and development activities in the area of electromagnetic characterization of fly ash and development of antennas on cylindrical substrates. This has resulted in a good number of publications in reputed international journals including Electromagnetics (Taylor and Francis), Applied Mechanics and Materials, and international conferences like INCEMIC. Over the next three years, it is proposed to have a fully developed microwave instrumentation for exploring the possibility of undertaking external funded projects and consultancy activities in the area of electromagnetic material characterization and developing EM based Non destructive Testing techniques for Agricultural and Food products. 

Lab Facilities

  • Signal Generator (GW-Instek) : 34 MHz- 4.4 GHz
  • Power Sensor (Tektronix)  : 10MHz- 8 GHz
  • Scalar N/W Analyzer : 34MHz- 3GHz
  • Ansoft HFSS : 5 Licenses
  • Klystron Based X Band Waveguide Bench with Peripherals

Lab Courses

  • 15ECE481 Microwave Engineering Lab
  • 15ECE387 Open Lab

Faculty in-charge      : Mr. Sabarish Narayanan B
Technical Staf            : Ms. R. Sudha, Mr. P. Raja


The VLSI Design lab is equipped with the most up-to-date industry standard VLSI EDA software tools and hardware resources. The lab facility includes state of art facilities carrying out advanced research in various areas of VLSI.

Lab Facilities

  • Zybo Zynq Development Board
  • NI myRIO
  • Basys 3 Artix 7 FPGA Trainer Board
  • FPAA based Quad Development kit
  • Keysight 50MHz, 2-Ch Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Synopsys Asia Pacific Front End University Bundle
  • Synopsys Asia Pacific Back End University Bundle
  • Xilinx SDSoC Xilinx

Lab Courses

  • 15ECE386 : VLSI Design Lab (UG)
  • 15ECE387 : Open Lab (UG)

Faculty In-charge      : Mr. Mohankumar N.

Technical staff           : Ms. K. Anitha

UG Labs


Biomedical Instrumentation lab provides a platform for students and research scholars to explore on the various equipment and software tools for the design and analysis of analog circuits. The equipment hosted by the lab include: Scientech 2352A ECG trainer kit that provides a quick and accurate measurement of all 12 leads including both Unipolar and Bipolar configurations for verifying the performance of real-time ECG monitoring; Scientech 2355 EEG simulator trainer that offers a convenient means to observe and understand different measurement points and their combinational waveform in average recording mode and unipolar recording mode; “Measurement Computing” USB-1608FS-Plus Series- Data Acquisition (DAQ) device that provides simultaneous analog inputs with digital I/O and counter measurements; Scientech 4061S 10MHz synthesized function generator with features that include Direct Digital Synthesis technique to generate stable and accurate output, built in arbitrary waveforms that could be used in various applications like Biomedical, Mathematics, etc., internal modulation and built in linear sweep; Scientech 801 30MHz dual channel analog cathode ray oscilloscope with a vertical bandwidth that is more than adequate for all applications and a built-in component tester; NVIS 105CT 50MHz channel digital storage oscilloscope with storage capacity of up to 20 waveforms and 20 setups, built in Multimath Function and built in USB & RS232 Interface;. The lab also equips TINA circuit design and simulation software which is a powerful yet affordable circuit simulator and PCB design software package for analyzing, designing, and real time testing of analog, digital, HDL, MCU, and mixed electronic circuits and their PCB layouts.

Lab Facilities

  • Scientech 2352A ECG trainer kit
  • Scientech 2355 EEG simulator trainer
  • Measurement Computing USB-1608FS-Plus Series- Data Acquisition (DAQ) device
  • Scientech 4061S 10MHz synthesized function generator
  • Scientech 801 30MHz dual channel analog CRO
  • NVIS 105CT 50MHz DSO
  • TINA circuit design and simulation software

Lab Courses

  • Biomedical Instrumentation Lab
  • Prototyping Lab
  • Project

Faculty In-charge      : Dr. Madhu Mohan N
Technical Staff          : Mr. S. Velmurugan


Lab Facilities

  1. Ettus Universal Software Radio Peripheral  (USRP- N210)
  2. Tektronix Mixed Domain Oscilloscope (MDO-4000c
  3. Digilent Analog discovery 2
  4. Ansoft High Frequency Structural simulator (HFSS

Lab Courses

Faculty In-charge      : Dr. Kirthiga S
Technical staff           : Ms. K. Anitha


The VLSI Design lab is equipped with the most up-to-date industry standard VLSI EDA software tools and hardware resources. The lab facility includes state of art facilities carrying out advanced research in various areas of VLSI. The facilities are used for conducting post-graduate laboratory classes and research works.

The Lab has an extensive list of State-of-art facility which supports research across most of the avenues in VLSI Design.

  • The lab is equipped with the following and teaching at postgraduate level.
  • The fully air conditioned lab houses three high end servers which power all the Linux and Windows workstations in a networked computing environment.

Lab Facilities

  • Kintex-7 FPGA Evaluation Kit
  • XUP ZedBoard
  • PMOD AD5-24 Bit ADC
  • Nexys 4

Lab Courses

  • 18VL631: VLSI Design Laboratory –I (PG)
  • 18VL632: VLSI Design Laboratory –II (PG)
  • 15LIL390 : Live-in Lab (PG)

Faculty In-charge      : Mr. Mohankumar N.

Technical staff           : Ms. K. Anitha


Sponsored Labs

Computational Optimization and Innovation Lab (COIL)

Block Image

Computational Optimization and Innovation Lab (COIL) is lab setup in the department of ECE engaging in supporting curriculum for advanced experiments in the domain and pursuing academic as well as sponsored research from government agencies. The research entails to problems relevant to Defense research and development organization (DRDO), Board of research in nuclear sciences (BRNS), Science and Engineering Research board (SERB), Indira Gandhi centre for Atomic research (IGCAR) and Indian Space research organization (ISRO).

The focus of the lab is to:

  • Energy and computationally efficient designs in signal processing and wireless communication,
  • Next generation mobile radio systems including 5G, mm wave, Cognitive radio Networks,
  • Wireless networks, cognitive radio, cooperative communications, multiple antenna systems, and interference modeling,
  • Customized and evolutionary optimization for large scale problems.




Current facilities available are,

Current equipment available,


Satcom Research Lab

Block Image

The Satcom research lab facilitates students , research scholars and faculty to conduct simulation studies in areas of signal processing, communication and RF subsystems as part of academic and research activity.  The computational  resources widely used are Python,  MATLAB, GNU radio,  Ansoft HFSS.  Also hardware kits such as Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP), RTL -SDR , Mixed Domain Oscilloscope (MDO) are available for performance studies of  real-time communication systems.

Funded Project

Capacity, Bit Error Rate and Performance Evaluation of MIMO Based Communication System on Minimized Multipath Environment, funded by Space Application Centre – ISRO, Ahmedabad

Lab Facilities

Ettus Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP- N210) with modular architecture DC to 6 GHz

Cyber Physical Systems Lab

Block Image

Cyber Physical Systems Lab is used primarily by the Undergraduate students for Open Lab course. It also provides basic Embedded System Developments Kits for the students to prototype their idea.

Lab Facilities

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Atmega 2560 Board
  • Arduino Uno R3
  • Node MCU ESP8266
  • SIM90Aa Gsm Modem
  • HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth
  • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module
  • H- SR501 PIR Motion Sensor
  • Infrared Sensor
  • L293D Motor Driver Shield
  • Ammonia, Sulpur Compounds, Benzene Gas Detection Module MQ-135
  • Carbon Monoxide and Flammable Gas Detection Module MQ-9
  • Gas Detection Module Ethanol MQ-3
  • GY-NEO6MV2 Flight Control GPS Module
  • DHT11 Digital Humidity Temperature Sensor
  • DS18B20 Waterproof Digital Thermal Probe
  • 4 Channel 5v Relay Board Module
  • NPN DC 6-36v Inductive Proximity Sensor
  • Xbee Shield
  • Xbee Module
  • Uart 125khz EM4100 RFID Card Key Id Reader Module
  • RFID Card/Tag 125khz EM4100

Faculty In-Charge     : Mr. Peeyush K P
Technical Staff          : Mr. Chandrasekharan Nair B

Hardware Security Lab

Block Image

Hardware Security Lab is sponsored by Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) – Scientific Analysis Group (SAG) – Delhi, andis equipped with industry standard VLSI EDA software tools and hardware resources. This lab facility is exclusively for research.

Ongoing Research Project:

Title : Hardware Trojan Detection & Consistence based Diagnosis

Agency : Scientific Analysis Group (SAG), DRDO- Delhi

Amount : 24 Lakhs

Principal investigator : Dr. M. Nirmala Devi

Co-Investigators : Dr. M. Jayakumar, Dr. M. SethuMadhavan, Mr. N. Mohankumar


  1. KeysightMSOX 3014A 100MHz, Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
  2. Anvyl Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA
  3. Xilinx Virtex -6  FPGA ML605
  4. Analog Discovery Kit from Diligent
  5. National Instruments Lab view with NI Signal Express for Windows
  6. Altera Quartus Prime software Lite edition
  7. High End Networked computing environment with Linux and Windows.

Faculty In-charge      : Mr. Mohankumar N.
Technical staff           : Ms. K. Anitha

Information Processing and Coding Lab

Block Image

Information Processing and Coding lab was established in February 2018 based on the funding received from Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The lab is utilized for research involving national and international collaborating agencies in the fields of FPGA design of error control decoders, hardware-secure decoders  and neuroscience applications using non-linear dynamics.
Currently, the focus of the lab is on two projects:

  • Reliability based soft decision decoding of Turbo codes for satellite communication (In collaboration with Space Application Center (ISRO), Ahmedabad).
  • Temporal trends and predictors of anterior thalamic ictal recruitment in human focal epilepsy (In collaboration with Department of Neurology, University of Alabama, USA).

The resources of the lab are used for carrying out B.Tech, M.Tech projects and Ph. D. work.

Principal Investigators : Dr. B. Yamuna and Dr. B. Karthi

Lab Facilities

  • INTEL XEON Processor E5-2620-G-  Hdd Samsung 250GB SSD 850EVO-g
  • Monitor LG-32″, 32mn58h-P-G
  • One Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-4790S CPU @ 3.20GHz,8 GB 64-bit Operating system
  • Two Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-4690S CPU @ 3.20GHz,8 GB 64-bit Operating system

Machine Intelligence Lab

Block Image

Machine Intelligence Research Lab. focuses its research activities on Spoken Language Processing, Machine Fault Identification, and on the development of Bio-medical engineering applications. In spoken language processing, we focus our research on multilingual speaker recognition, speech recognition, spoken language identification, speech non-speech detection and speech recognition for dysarthric patients. In machine fault identification, our current research focus is on capturing intelligence about the faults in a speed and system independent manner. Development of robust tools for ICU patient monitoring, Stress/anxiety desorder identification, Sleep apnea screening, early detection of cardiac desorders, retinal fundus image processing are the focus of our research in Bio-medical engineering. The lab research also focus on improving healthcare support for rural communities  in India.

Funded Projects:

  • Development of text/language independent speaker recognition system-DRDO (Completed)
  • Scalable fault models for the prognosis and diagnosis of generator in aircraft electrical system- NPMASS (Completed)
  • TCS Research scholarship- TCS (Completed)
  • Machine independent fault diagnosis – DST
  • Improving healthcare support for rural communities in India – Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), United Kingdom.

Collaborated with Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK and University of Agder, Norway

Lab Facilities

  • Dell Power Edge Rack Mount Server
  • IBM Tower Servers
  • Speech Data Aqusition System (Dialogic Cards)
  • 3 kVA and 5 kVA Synchronous Generators
  • Synchronous Generator Fault Diagnosis Experimental Facility
  • National Instruments Data Acqusition Setup (NI PXI-1042 (NI PXI-8108, NI-PXI-6221, NI-PXI-2541)
  • BioHarness BT with Acknowledge (Bioharness)
  • MySignal eHealth
  • Spacelabs  Multi-parameter Patient Monitoring System

Smart Integrated Electronic Radiating Systems Lab

Block Image

The Smart Integrated Electronics and Radiating Systems (SIERS) Research Laboratory, located in AB-III, had been set up in 2017 with cutting-edge research infrastructure procured by means of research grants and funding by the National Instruments Corporation USA, and the DST of Gov. India. The lab is located in a radio-quiet zone that is imperative to conduct frontline research  currently being pursued in the following areas:

  1. Radio & RADAR Systems
  2. Smart Biomedical Systems
  3. Material Science for semiconductors and energetic materials
  4. Electronics circuits and high-level synthesis
  5. Digital Communications
  6. Signal Processing
  7. Nuclear Radiation Sensors

Faculty from the Departments of ECE and ME and the Center for CEN, along with several  UG/PG students and a few PhD scholars are at work in this facility. Since inception, about  a dozen Scopus-indexed publications have already appeared as outcomes of the various formative research works conducted in this lab.

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