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The literary club provides a platform to showcase the literary aspirations and talents of the students. It is an excellent forum for self expression and cultural aspirations of the students. Poetry-reading sessions, debates, extempore speeches, quizzes, cross-word games, book and film reviews, play enactments, and classical movie screenings are showcased at the forum. Besides the English events, the club also organizes events in regional languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi.


This Literary Association provides a forum to encourage and showcase the literary aspirations and talents of the students. It organizes debates, plays, quiz, book and film reviews etc.

Kashi Tamil Sangamam 2.O

Date : 29 December, 2023

Venue : Acharya Hall, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore

Organizers : Tamil Siragu (Wing of Srishti club), Student welfare.

Objective : Awareness program on Kashi Tamil Sangamam 2.0


  • 10:30 am – Invocation
  • 10:35 am – Welcome Address
  • 10:45 am – Video on Kashi Tamil Sangamam Initiative
  • 10:55 am – Speech by Ms. V. Keerthika
  • 11:05 am – Special Invitee to address on the “Kashi & Tamil Nadu cultural connect”
  • 11:15 am – Experience shared by three Alumni from KTS 1.O
  • 12:30 pm – Vote of Thanks


Detailed Description of Events:

Prayer song was sung by Santharam and Lekha Harshini.

Mr. M. Pramod Kumar welcomed all the guests to this auspicious event.

            Welcome address was given by Mohitha.

Vote of Thanks:

R. Amirthanandhan and B.V. Dharsini Sri thanked all the authorities and members of the club for organizing this auspicious event.

Vasantham 2024

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Tamil Literature event conducted by the Tamil Wingof Srishti Club (Tamil Siragu) on 30th January 2024in Sudhamani Hall, AB – 1.

Welcome Address

Merwin Josh, Head along with Sreedaran, Co-Head of the Tamil Siragu Club took immense pleasure in welcoming the Chief Guest, faculty members and the students. Their speechdynamically highlighted the captivating rich culture and embodiment traditions of Tamil along with the show flow of the event. The audience were engaged cell-bindingly with the insights of Tamil Literature.

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Lightning of Kuthuvilakku

The auspicious Vasantham Celebration was started with the lightning of Kuthuvilaku by Ms.Sowndaram C S along with Ms.Ambika P, Mr. Veera Alagiri and two of our anchors of the event Ms. Gayatri and Ms. Dharshini Sri along with the prayer song.

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Tamizh Thaivaazhthu

Tamizh Thaivaazhthu song was played immediately, lifting the spirits of the audience, marking the pride of Tamil Culture. Everyone participated in the singing of Tamizh Thaivaazhthu showing their love towards Tamil.

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The Pattimandram segment started with a prologue of the topic,given by the ‘Naduvar’ Mr. Veera Alagiri.The discussion was about the gripping subject: “Whether the success of the movie relies on the Song or the Storyline”. The topic was riveting and dynamic,the speakers from both the groups were articulate and left the listeners in awe.
Although the dais was filled with crucial talks and heated discussions, the debaters didn’t forget to add their humor. Various references from the modern OTT world were accounted in for the debate. Old movie references weren’t an expectation. Through regress and meticulous research, the speakers wove the significance of Tamil Literature into their speeches. The audience not only rejoiced in the comical aspect of the speakers but also took back the enlightenment of Tamil literature.

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Ariya Illakiyam

The Ariya Illakiyam segment of the event effectively delved into the concealed literary layers within Tamil Cinema Songs. The session began with the presentation of a song that had hidden literary nuances, followed by Vishnuvarthan providing insightful commentary on the obscured literary elements and revealing lesser-known facts about those lines and literature. To enhance audience understanding, the featured song was replayed, encouraging active participation and enabling attendees to discern and appreciate the previously unnoticed literary intricacies. Overall, the segment offered a compelling exploration of the hidden literary dimensions within Tamil Cinema Songs, fostering a deeper appreciation for the cultural and literary richness of this art form.

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Aryan took thecenter stage during the mimicry segment of the event, showcasing his talent in a classroom setting. With precision and flair, he skillfully mimicked the voices of well-known Celebrities and Tamil Actors, creating an engaging and entertaining atmosphere. His ability to mimic a diverse range of personalities added a humorous and engaging element to the show, eliciting laughter and appreciation from the audience. Aryan’s mimicry performance successfully captivated the crowd, turning the classroom scene into a fun and entertaining highlight of the event.

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Video Edit

Avideoedit, skillfully executed by Balavenkatanathan, played a pivotal role in showcasing the rich culture and tradition of Tamil Nadu. Through carefully selected scenes, the edit effectively portrayed the heroism and valor of the Tamil people, resonating deeply with the audience. The seamless arrangement of visuals not only highlighted the cultural essence but also evoked strong emotional responses, leaving the viewers with a sense of awe and admiration. Balavenkatanathan’s adept editing contributed significantly to the overall impact of the film, creating a cinematic experience that gave the audience goosebumps and a profound connection to the heroic spirit of Tamil culture.

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The dance performance masterfully unfolded the heroic story of Velunachiyar, Queen of Sivaganga, with a seamless blend of artistry and storytelling. Beginning with the joyous depiction of Velunachiyar’s marriage to Muthu VadugaNathar, the dancers, skillfully conveyed the tragic turn of events surrounding Muthu VadugaNathar’s demise in the hands of the British, infusing their movements with palpable rage. A poignant highlight, emerged as the performers expressed Velunachiyar’s profound sorrow, resonating with the audience through their emotive portrayal. The introduction of Maruthu Brothers and the courageous women Udaiyaal and Kuyili added layers of valor to the narrative that was presented with a powerful dance performance. The climax featured the enthralling capture of Colonel Bonjour by Queen Velunachiyar. Overall, the performance left an indelible impression among the audience and successfully bringing back to life, the historical saga and enriching the audience’s experience with a visually stunning and emotionally resonant portrayal.

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Small Riddles based on Tamilliterature were screened and audience were participating to answer the riddles. It was conducted in an interactive way by the coordinators Ms. Karthigha along with Ms. Rashmika, and gifts were given to audience who answered the riddle correctly.

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The whole concept of skit was based on a “Panchayat Raj” and was delivered to the audience in a humorous way. It starts with a reporter asking the Head of Panchayat to explain the scenario in detail on what happened. The Panchayat Head was supposed to find who is guilty among the people of the village for committing a theft of the temple key. Interrogation was done in a humorous way and the skit ended by an interesting twist given by the priest of the temple.

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Vote of Thanks

In concluding the Vasantham 2024Celebration, a heartfelt Vote of Thanks was eloquently delivered by Ms. Dharsini Sri. Gratitude was extended to the dedicated team whose incredible efforts transformed the event into a reality, acknowledging the technical staff for their invaluable support in lights and stage works. Sincere appreciation was also expressed towards the enthusiastic teachers who attended the celebration and heartfelt thanks were extended to the students who passionately shared their love for the Tamil Language, making the event truly memorable.

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Lastly, the Silambaatam segment, a traditional Tamil Martial-Art Form, grabbed the eyes and left the audience in awe. Performers, adorned in traditional attire, skilfully wielded their long sticks, showcasing a mesmerizing display of bravery, athleticism, precision and control over the sticks. The rhythmic clashing of the silambam resonated through the venue, creating an electric atmosphere and contributing to the event’s success in promoting cultural awareness.

“Vasantham 2024” proved to be a memorable celebration of Tamil Tradition, showcasing the diverse cultural offering brought by the Team Tamil Siragu, Srishti Tamil Wing, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore.

YUKTHI – 2023

Date: December 1,2023

Yukthi, the induction programme of SRISHTI the literary club of Amrita, took place in the month of December. Yukthi marks the transition of the old leaders to the new, and welcoming new members into the fold. The event started around 5:00, and Sudhamani auditorium was filled with many first years eager to see what was in store for them, and all eleven wings highlighted their unique and extravagant talents to familiarize the club to the freshers.


As part of Yukthi 2023, the induction program for Srishti, the literary club of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore, Quizkrieg took up the opportunity to display the club’s specialties and activities.

Quizkrieg started off Yukthi 2023 with a crisp introduction to Srishti and Quizkrieg. The history and the origin of the name of the quiz club were explained and how the club’s name resonates with the nature of the club; knowledgeable and swift.

This club has over a hundred members, and the club plans and the events being planned by the club were explained to the attendees of Yukthi.

Quizkrieg also demonstrated a new format of learning and quizzing to the crowd: Formula Wiki. Formula Wiki is an event where participants navigate through Wikipedia pages to reach the destination page given by the organizers, testing the speed and accuracy of the participants.

The activities being planned by Quizkrieg are a quiz for Anokha 2024, and Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham’s trademark quiz event, Prashna. The head and co-head briefed the crowd about both events and passed along the QR code and the link to join the Quizkrieg WhatsApp group. The induction ended soon after, and the next wing of Srishti followed.

Manoharam – Report

As part of Yukthi 2023, the induction program for Srishti, the literary club of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore, Manoharam took up the opportunity to display the club’s specialties and activities in form speech.

We Head and Co-head of Manoharam Club stepped onto the stage with purpose, ready to deliver a speech that would resonate deeply with our audience. As representatives of this esteemed

club, we aimed to showcase not only its activities but also its core values and the impact it has had on our institution’s cultural landscape.

With a sense of pride and reverence, we began by tracing the roots of Manoharam Club, painting a vivid picture of its inception and evolution over the years. The audience was transported through time as we recounted the stories behind its founding and the visionaries who breathed life into this cultural haven. We highlighted the significance of the club’s name, which embodies the very spirit of vibrancy and cultural richness that defines our community.

As the speech unfolded, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation as we delved into the heart of what makes Manoharam Club truly special – its dedication to preserving and displaying Telugu traditions. Through a series of mesmerizing performances and interactive sessions, we offered a glimpse into the colourful tapestry of Telugu culture, leaving the audience spellbound and yearning for more.

But our vision for Manoharam Club extends far beyond mere entertainment. We seized the opportunity to unveil an array of exciting initiatives aimed at fostering deeper connections with our cultural heritage. From cultural festivals that would ignite the senses to literary competitions that would inspire creativity, each initiative was carefully crafted to empower students to embrace their roots with pride and passion.

Crucially, we recognized the power of community in our endeavour to preserve and promote Telugu heritage. As such, we extended a warm invitation to our peers, inviting them to join us on this journey of discovery and celebration. By sharing details about how to become active participants in the Manoharam Club community, we hoped to cultivate a sense of belonging and camaraderie that would endure long after the applause had faded.

As the curtains drew to a close on our speech, a palpable sense of excitement hung in the air. The audience, now fully immersed in the vision we had painted, brimmed with enthusiasm for the adventures that lay ahead. With renewed purpose and determination, Manoharam Club stood poised to continue its mission of inspiring and empowering students to embrace their cultural heritage and celebrate the rich tapestry of diversity that defines our institution.


As a part of Poetree wing, they introduced the wing’s activities as the newly elected head and co-heads. As a part of our introduction, TS Harigovind, the co-head of the club, shared his personal experience as a poet and someone who has been a part of the wing for over two years. After the initial introduction, Ananya Ajay, the head of the wing, recited a poem, ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Browning. She further explained the activities planned for the event and invited new poets and admirers of poetry to join the club.


Peek-a-Book planned for a fun interactive session in the time we were given. We started off with an introduction to the club and ourselves. Then, we moved onto the first game where we gave the audience a prompt, ‘The Day Chickens Take Over the World.’ The mic was passed around to a few people, and they had to say two to three lines about the given prompt, and it should kind of form a sort of story all together. The audience really got into this part of the session, and it ended up being a big hit. The next game which we planned was an emoji game of sorts. We used emojis to form book titles and participants who guessed correctly were given chocolates as prizes (bonus chocolates for guessing the authors as well). The book titles we represented in the form of emojis:

  1. Lord of the Rings (J R R Tolkien)
  2. Little Women (Louissa May Alcot)
  3. Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)
  4. The Fault in Our Stars (John Green)

This game went amazing, and we got a lot of enthusiastic participants for this one as well. Then, we played the theme songs of a few movies which have been adapted from books. We started off easy with Hedwig’s theme from Harry Potter and next we chose the theme of an anime since we know a lot of people are Anime enthusiasts. We wanted to incorporate an Indian book as well, so we chose a song from the movie ‘Padmavat’ since it was originally a book and ended this game with that. We concluded our wing’s introduction and provided our club’s information at the end.

Overall, it went well, and we got a lot of people who were genuinely interested in joining the  club, so I would like to say we utilized the time well.

Debate Wing of Srishti

We at the Debate wing of Srishti chose to present to the audience the essence and core of debate using a Fun vs Professional approach. We attempted bring out that debating is at the very root of every decision that one takes in their life and how debating can be everyone’s cup of tea by being rational, factual, assertive, and following a set of rules.

The idea was to keep the presentation in the debate format where the head and co-head of the club took up the fun and professional sides of the debate with the audience and the future members being the judge. The basis for the “Fun” side of the debate was to base the presentation of movies and how the biggest decisions of characters that changed the fate of flow of events could have been changed with a bit of internal debate and how some movies could have been entirely avoided. It covered the idea of being civil and the rules using the cinema tropes.

While the “Professional” side of it was focused on the rules, regulations and how to logically come up with arguments and structure rebuttals

After the Presentation, the floor was opened for questions and concluded. The debate wing plans to conduct a couple of debates and in addition an event in collaboration with “Bhaava,” the theatre club, organizing an event with a blend of both worlds Debating and theatre.

Tamil Siragu

Tamil Literature event conducted by the Tamil Wing of Srishti Club (Tamil Siragu) on December 1 ,2023 in Sudhamani Hall, AB – 1 on behalf of the induction event of Srishti-the Literature Club of Amrita. Prithvi, the Head of Tamil Siragu for the year 2022-2023 took immense pleasure in welcoming the students and the faculty. He also introduced the new Head and Co-Head of Tamil Siragu 2023- 2024.Supraja Gomathi from 3rd year EEE has been elected as the new Head. Sreedaran from 2nd year AEE has been elected as the new Co-Head. Supraja Gomathi took immense pleasure in welcoming the students and the faculty members. She continued her speech by highlighting the Tamil literature events planned by the club. She then gave an intro about what is Slang-u-Sikkal. The audience were engaged cell-bindingly with the insights of Tamil Literature. The show then started off with the skit.


Slang-u-Sikkal is a Tamil skit drama representing the various slangs of Tamil spoken all over Tamilnadu. The whole skit had the concept of bus travel in which people from different parts of Tamilnadu travel together from Gandhipuram to Ettimadai.It had people speaking the Tamil slangs of Madurai,Chennai,Coimbatore,Tanjore,Tirunelveli and so on.

The bus conductor had played an immense role in the skit. The skit was humorous in that it made the audience laugh out louder. People really enjoyed the skit from the beginning to the end. The bus driver and conductor connected themselves with the audience through their spontaneous acting skills with Arjunar Villu song playing in the background.

The skit ended with the statement that there are a lot of slangs in Tamil that people speak when it comes to their language, but irrespective of the slang they all speak Tamil. The characters in the skit explained the beauty of Tamil Literature in a beautiful way through a humorous skit and mimicry performed by them.

In concluding the Tamil Literature event conducted by the Tamil Wing of Srishti Club (Tamil Siragu) on behalf of the induction event of Srishti-the Literature Club of Amrita, a heartfelt Vote of Thanks was eloquently delivered by Ms. Mohita from 2nd year ELC. Gratitude was extended to the dedicated team whose incredible efforts transformed the event into a reality, acknowledging the technical staff for their invaluable support in lights and stage works. Sincere appreciation was also expressed towards the enthusiastic teachers, heartfelt thanks were extended to the students who passionately shared their love for the Tamil Language, making the event truly memorable.

Clarion Wing

As a part of the event, Clarion conducted a 15-minute session. The head and co-head of the wing handled the session. The event started with a brief introduction of Clarion and an overview of planned events. Following this, a round of Madlibs was played. Overall, the event was interactive and engaging. After the event, provisions were made to bring the new members into the wing. Work has also been started on upcoming events.


The Malayalam Literary Club Dhwani convened, commencing with an overview and vision statement delivered by the club head. The session then transitioned into a poignant speech honouring the esteemed Malayalam author, MT Vasudevan Nair, and his profound literary contributions. Following this tribute, Dyuthi M.J. from Integrated Chemistry captivated the audience with a recitation of the evocative poem “Kaalakal” penned by P. Bhaskaran. The event encapsulated a celebration of Malayalam literature, fostering appreciation and understanding among attendees. We have attached some photos which has clicked on that event.

The Bhaava Club

Bhaava, Amrita’s very own drama club was one of the wings of Srishti that took part in Yukthi’24. The new office bearers of the 2024 session, J. Gayatri from 4th year Integrated Physics, serving as the Head and Bharath Sreekumar from 3rd Aerospace Engineering, serving as Co-head, gave a brief introduction on the nuances of the art of theatre which they hope to nurture through the proceedings of the club. They also included previous shows and competitions conducted by Bhaava in their introductory presentation.

To serve an essence of the club, Bhaava enacted the famous betrayal of Julius Ceaser. Julius Ceaser was portrayed by B. Aryan, a 3rd year Electronics and Electrical Engineering Student while Brutus was played by the Co-head himself. The 2 supporting statesmen were played by Abhiram LVG, a 4th year Aerospace Engineering student and R. Venkitesh, a 2nd year Mass Communication student, the former being the previous head of the club. Bhaava ended their segment with a QR code for interested candidates to join the club.


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